Bathtub for disabled

A height-adjustable bathtub for seniors and people with impairments



The height-adjustable bathtub is suitable for people with limited mobility. Using a lift, the caregivers can gently move the person onto the foldable soft shower bed into a comfortable and safe position.

Adding bed guards and brake wheels brings extra security and flexibility to the bathing situation as the person cannot fall to the sides, and the bathtub is firmly positioned on the ground.

Since the bathtub can be adjusted in height, the care workers can lower the bathtub when transferring the user. Once positioned, they can raise the bathtub to a healthy working height.

The bathtub is available in three sizes, which makes it suitable for children and adults.

Comfortable baths for people with impairments

People with limited capacity may need assistance for bathing, and if a shower is not a possibility, the ROPOX bathtub can be an alternative. The bathtub is height-adjustable and allows for a gentle and easy transfer of the person onto the foldable shower bed. This makes it comfortable for the user and easy for the caregivers. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of heavy lifting during the caregiver’s workday.

Adjusting the height of the bathtub

You can adjust the bathtub height from 61 to 91 cm using the electrical hand control. This allows the care workers to lower the bathtub when they transfer the user onto the shower bench. Using a mobile lift, the care workers can move the lift close to the bathtub as there is room for the lift feet under the tub. Once in position, they can gently lower the lift and assist the user on the bed.

When the person lies comfortably, the caregivers can raise the bathtub to a suitable working height to provide healthy working conditions.

The soft, foldable shower bed is comfortable for the user, and the holes in the fabric ensure that water flows into the tub. When the bath is over, the caregivers can lower the bathtub, move the lift close to the tub and transfer the person back.

For adults and children

The bathtub is available in three different lengths:

  • 160 cm
  • 170 cm
  • 180 cm

All models are 40 cm deep. The range of sizes allows you to find a bathtub for children and adults with reduced functional capacity.

Extra safety measures

If extra safety measures are required, bed guards can quickly be mounted on the tub. With the bed guards in place, the user is protected if they roll to either side.

It is also possible to add brake wheels. They provide flexibility in terms of the bathtub’s position but still with safety in mind. When the wheels are braked, you can be assured that they stand solidly fixed on the ground.

The durable materials, cleaning-friendly surface and quality of design makes the tub ideal for both private homes and professional health care.