A lift system that allows you to adjust the cabinet height and project the cabinet off the wall



A special lift system that makes wall cabinets accessible to everyone

Creating a kitchen where upper cabinets are accessible to wheelchair users and people of short stature can be challenging. With the Diagonal lift system, you can easily lower the upper cabinets to a height within reach range for seated users and people of short stature.

The high-quality lift system gently lowers the cabinets and projects them off the wall. This way, the cabinets move down and close to the users. The total height adjustment range is 43 cm in height and 18 cm horizontally. It is easy to operate the lift system with the control panel.

You can configure the lift system to fit one or several cabinets, and it is compatible with all standard kitchen cabinets. This ensures that you can create an accessible, stylish kitchen with all features required to become a truly disability-friendly kitchen.

Naturally, the Diagonal lift system meets – or exceeds – the relevant standards for assistive devices for people with disability. That guarantees that safety and reliability are top notch.

Upper kitchen cabinets accessible to wheelchair users and people of short stature

Diagonal is a lift system that allows upper kitchen cabinets to move diagonally down and forward. This means that the upper cabinets can move close to seated users and people of short stature so that they can reach the contents of the upper cabinets.

With the height-adjustable Diagonal system, you can combine several upper cabinets into one height-adjustable system operated with a push-button. It is ideal for seated users and people with dwarfism who need a disability-friendly kitchen where the upper cabinets are accessible to them. The system is designed so that it is compatible with all standard cabinets. This way, you can create a kitchen that looks stylish and modern and still has all the required features of a state-of-the-art accessible kitchen.

Diagonal keeps you safe

The Diagonal lift system can be fitted with safety stops. When you have height-adjustable items in your kitchen, there is a risk that you can jam your finger or squeeze your legs. To avoid this, we recommend that the upper cabinets are supplied with a safety stop plate.

When a safety stop is activated in the system, the feature ensures that the height adjustment stops immediately and that cabinet moves slightly in the reverse direction to relieve the pressure. This way, you always stay safe using the height-adjustable cabinets.

Use a SmartBox to connect more cabinets into one safety system

It is possible to mount several cabinets on the Diagonal system. If your upper cabinets are 40 to 120 cm wide, we recommend using a one frame system. For cupboards 130 to 180 cm wide, we recommend you use a two-frame system. If you mount several height-adjustable cabinets and perhaps also a height-adjustable tabletop, we recommend that you use a SmartBox.

A SmartBox is an intelligent system used when multiple electrical Ropox systems are mounted in the same kitchen. It is possible to connect the SmartBoxes with a communication cable and create a safety system in the kitchen. This way, all height-adjustable cabinets or tabletops are combined into one system that stops if anything gets trapped.

Like other ROPOX products, the Diagonal lift system is known for its clever and durable design that gives people with disabilities an everyday life with more independence and quality of life.