Make the tabletop height-adjustable with stationary brackets

With stationary brackets, you get a height-adjustable tabletop. The strong brackets are mounted on the wall and keep the tabletop stable and firmly in place. Once the tabletop is mounted on the brackets, you can adjust the height in increments of 4.2 cm.

The height-adjustable tabletop makes it suitable for standing and seated users because the table can be set to a comfortable height for them both. The brackets allow you to move the tabletop 23 cm vertically upwards and downwards, giving ample room to meet individual requirements.


Compatible with all standard size tabletops

The stationary brackets are compatible with all standard size kitchen tabletops. The easy-to-mount brackets allow you to turn a regular kitchen worktop into an accessible tabletop suitable for users with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

To achieve the required stability of the tabletop, the brackets must be mounted with a maximum of 80 cm between the brackets. This way, you can ensure that the tabletop remains strong and reliable in use and can withstand the maximum load upon which the brackets are tested.


Suitable for professional health care environments with occasional need for height adjustment

The brackets are useful in professional health care environments where occasional height adjustment is required. It may be in disability-friendly housing, senior housing and assisted living facilities where an accommodation needs to be adjusted to suit new user needs when a new resident moves in.

The smooth cleaning friendly surface gives the brackets a simple finish that blends into modern interiors. As the brackets are tested and certified to withstand a maximum load of 75 kilos on each bearing, they are a solid solution for accessible kitchens. Still, they provide the flexibility that many professional environments need.


Item no.: 30-80006

Worktop brackets
Adjustment 23 cm vertically up- and downward, infinite adjustment
Maximum distance between the brackets 80 cm
1 set = 1 worktop bracket and 1 wall bracket

Standard colour is white - RAL 9010



Technical data

Kitchen worktop brackets technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 75 kg evenly distributed



Item no.: 30-45007

Stainless steel sink
Model A-400
Size 40x34x13.5 cm
Incl. insulation plate

Item no.: 30-45008

Stainless steel sink
Model A-400
Size 40x34x10 cm
Incl. insulation plate

Item no.: 30-45010

Plumbing kit
The kit consist of elbows, universal trap, flexible waste pipe, intersection, crossings and 2 feed pipes 100 cm.
Colour: white