A practical lift system for occasional manual height adjustment of kitchen tabletops.


FlexiBasic is a strong, height-adjustable frame for kitchen worktops. It is ideal in cases where you need to adjust the tabletop height occasionally. For example, in sheltered housing or assisted living facilities, you may need to adjust the kitchen to a new resident. Being able to set the tabletop height is a great advantage when creating accessible kitchens.

The height is adjusted with a jack-up lifting device that is connected under the tabletop. With the jack-up, you can adjust the height by 30 cm going from 65 cm to 95 cm.

The frame is mounted directly on the wall and supported by strong legs, and you get a solid frame that is stable in use and can be set to a comfortable working height for the individual user.

A lift system suitable for occasional height adjustment of kitchen tabletops

The FlexiBasic is an perfect solution if you only need to adjust the kitchen tabletop height occasionally. Mounting the tabletop onto the solid wall-mounted frame gives you a strong yet height-adjustable kitchen worktop.

You can adjust the height from 65 cm to 95 cm in steps of 5 cm. This range makes it possible to set the height at a comfortable position for standing users and wheelchair users. It also has the benefit that wheelchair users get plenty of space under the tabletop as there are no base cabinets. This means that they can get close to the table and into a good sitting position where they are able to use the table for kitchen chores.

Manual height adjustement

The FlexiBasic has manual height adjustment. To adjust the height, you position thee lifting unit under the frame and loosen the screws on the legs. Then, you position the lever in the transmission on the lifting unit and the table can be lowered or raised in 5 cm steps. Once you have the table adusted, you tighten the screws and remove the lifting unit.

Financially wise solution

In sheltered housing and assisted living facilities you may need to adjust the kitchen to different users over time. For example, if the former resident was using a wheelchair and the new resident is able to use the kitchen standing up, you can adjust the kitchen tabletop in the living-quarters instead of fitting in a new kitchen. This makes the FlexiBasic a financially wise solution for a range of professional health care environments.

Ability to upgrade

The FlexiBasic can be upgraded to FlexiManual where the height is adjusted with a handle on the front of the table or FlexiElectric where you adjust the height with a control switch conveniently integrated in the kitchen tabletop.

Just as the other solutions in the Flexi range, the FlexiBasic is tested and approved according to the relevant standards for assistive aids.

Elegant, strong and flexible

You can mount tabletops ranging from 60 cm to 300 cm in length on FlexiBasic. Depending on the table length, you need two or more legs and support arms. In the ‘Overview’ section you can find the right frames for specific tabletop lenghts.

All frame models have exceptional stability in use – regardless of whether you mount a 60 cm tabletop or a 300 cm tabletop.

When the FlexiBasic frame is mounted on the wall, the lifting device, installations and legs are discretely hidden behind cover plates. The cover plates makes the solution cleaning-friendly because they eliminate dirt traps. You can order the cover plates in a range of colors, so that you can create a matching look and feel in the kitchen.

Using the FlexiBasic frame provides you with a economical solution to create a height-adjustable tabletop and it is particularly convenient for professional environments.

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