Clinical reasoning and evidence based practice document

Justification for the Provision of the Ropox Vision Table

Clinical Reasoning when recommending a Vision Table

Each person is unique and has individual goals, aspirations and needs. An occupational therapy assessment should provide the clinician with an understanding on the person’s limitations on occupational performance. This section may help with documentation and clinical reasoning when recommending the Vison table.

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The information in this document can be used to assist with justification for the recommendation of the Vision Table. When working in statutory services, funding for equipment not kept in a local store or available on an agreed catalogue is usually requested via a clinical reasoning document. This is then sometimes reviewed by a manager or a panel of senior staff responsible for budgets. It is the reliance on this document to be a robust, clinically reasoned and risk assessed explanation of why the equipment is required, which ultimately leads to funding being agreed. It is important to remember that RCOT (2019)
states that: 

“The ultimate professional rationale for your intervention or activity… is the enhancement of health and wellbeing through the promotion of occupational performance, engagement and participation in life roles”. 

Furthermore, the Professional Standards for Occupational Therapy Practice, Conducts and Ethics (RCOT, 2021) stipulates occupational therapists “develop…. personalised recommendations based on the occupational performance needs, choices and aspirations of those who access the service” (section 4.5.2.).

Therefore, regardless of any criteria that may or may not be written, it is part of an occupational therapist’s code of conduct to support intervention that enhances occupational performance and support a person’s aspirations. Any clinical reasoning should cover this, as well as risk assessments and an objective view of how a person’s wellbeing will be enhanced by the provision of equipment.

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