Changing Places Toilet

Accessible equipments for changing places toilet for people with complex care needs

Changing Places toilet change lives

Today, 250,000 people with profound and multiple disabilities in the UK require access to a Changing Place because they are unable to use standard toilets or regular accessible toilets. Many toilets are too small to fit a user and a carer, and, often, they do not have the right facilities. This leaves people with disabilities with one of two choices: to stay at home or go out knowing that they might have to be changed on the toilet floor.

Changing Places is incorporated into Approved Document M of the Government Building Regulation, and Changing Places toilets are now compulsary in new buldings

Ropox bathroom solutions offers all the equipment necessary for creating a changing places toilet for disabled. 

Changing Places toilet provide equal access to public spaces

We believe that people with disabilities should have equal access to public places. There should be changing places with sufficient space and the right equipment, so people with complex needs never have to be changed on dirty toilet floors or be trapped at home because there are not suitable toilet facilities for them.

Changing Places toilets are large accessible toilets that meet the needs of people with complex care needs, for example, profound and multiple learning disabilities and people with other physical disabilities that limit mobility. A Changing Place gives them a safe, accessible, and dignified setting which enables them to visit public places.

Changing Places that comply with applicable standards

The equipment in a Changing Place should comply with the disability standards regarding access to premises and public buildings in force.

ROPOX products for disabled are designed and constructed to comply with strict standards, and they are therefore, a secure, stable and attractive option to explore when installing a Changing Place.

This means that you can be confident that the equipment is safe, durable and reliable in use in a changing places toilet facility. 

Equipment for a Changing Places Toilet

There are certain best practices on changing place toilets, including what a changing place toilet must include to be accessible to disabled and people with complex care needs and their carers.  A Changing Place is designed with sufficient space and the right equipment for a person with disabilities and up to two carers. Here are the Ropox products that are necessary for a changing places toilet: 

Toilet Lifter

In a Changing Place, there should be a toilet centrally placed in the room. There has to be generous space around the toilet to provide sufficient room for the care workers.

ROPOX Toilet Lifter helps users to get on and off the toilet. It gently lowers or raises the user.

Cleaning-friendly – Height adjustable – Fits all standard wall-hung toilets 


A height-adjustable washbasin should be part of a standard Changing Place. When the washbasin is height-adjustable, both seated and standing users can use it. Wheelchair users should have access to the washbasin, and there should be room for a wheelchair underneath the washbasin.

Slim and elegant design – Height-adjustable  – Perfect for wheelchair users

Changing/Shower Table

An adult size, height-adjustable changing bench at least 180 cm long and able to carry a 220 kg load should be part of a Changing Place.

The ROPOX Shower/Changing table is an electric, height-adjustable changing and shower bench which is comfortable to the user and easy to use. 

Soft & comfortable – Height adjustable – Foldable – Cleaning friendly

Grab Rails

When manoeuvring in a Changing Place, users often need grab and shower rails in the room. They serve as support points and a safety measure for users.

The ROPOX Grabs and Shower rails are solid and durable grab rails that can be placed in a Changing Place.

Smooth surface – Cleaning friendly – Vertical or Horizontal placement

Support Arms

A common feature in Changing Places are Support Arms by the toilet. People with disabilities may need solid grab rails to hold on to, and the ROPOX Toilet Support Arms provide the required extra support when using the toilet.

The Toilet Support Arms can be folded up to create extra room if a care worker or family member needs to support the user on the toilet.

Stable – Reliable – Ergonomic – Non slip surface – Height adjustable 

Changing Places Solutions Ensures

Increased accessibility

Changing Places aim to be usable for people with a wide range of disabilities rather than just being accessible for wheelchair users.


Changing places provide a safe, accessible, and dignified setting that enables people with disabilities equal access to public places.

Improved conditions

Changing places provides generous space around the toilet to provide sufficient room for one or more carers to assist the user.

Improved hygiene

Changing places means that disabled would no longer risk having to be changed on the toilet floor when they are in public.