Makes life easier

and much more safe

We specialise in making height-adjustable tables that give people with disabilities precisely the help and support they need.
More freedom | Easier life | More self-reliant | More self-esteem | Higher quality of life
When you have reduced mobility, you know that a table isn’t just a table. A good table provides the support so you can do more on your own. And that makes all the difference. It means more freedom, more possibilities and an easier life.
”Maise’s ROPOX table is indispensable for her.”
Jane Brostrøm, mother to Maise who has muscular dystrophy
Maise uses a Vision table at school

Experts in tables for people with limited mobility

When you choose a ROPOX table, you don’t just get a product that’s tailor-made for people with disabilities. You also get professional guidance and access to our many years of experience in furnishing homes and institutions for people with limited mobility.

That means that you get the table which is just right for the specific situation, and which makes the individual user more self-reliant.

The little details are crucial when you have a disability

It is easy to overlook the small details when choosing a new table, but actually it is often the details that determine whether a table is a perfect fit or not.

Some of the things you need to consider are:

  • Should it be a height-adjustable tablet?
  • Does the user need arm supports?
  • Is the user visually impaired, or does the user have limited reach?
  • Will more than one person be using the table?
  • Is the table easy to move?
  • Can it stand a user leaning over it?

The Vision table series

is the perfect combination of brilliant design and user-friendliness

The Vision tables are outstanding ergonomic, handicap-friendly tables. They have the perfect combination of well thought out details and features and a stylish and exquisite design. There are several types and sizes in the series so you can find precisely the table that fits your needs best.

Some of the things that make the Vision tables a tad better than other tables are that they are custom-made for people with disabilities. Also, the tabletop can be inclined, which means that the documents on the table can come within reading distance and reach.

You can get work and training tables, sit-stand desks and group tables in the series. Naturally, they are all height-adjustable tables, and you can tailor them with, e.g. brake wheels or arm supports.


  • Available with manual or electrical height-adjustment
  • Many models and sizes, e.g. one-man tables, group tables and sit-stand desks
  • Variants for both children and adults
  • Timeless and minimalist design
  • Rounded edges
  • Many adjustment options
  • Easy to operate
  • Available with brake wheels
  • Possibility to incline the tabletop
  • User-friendly solution to keep papers onto the inclined tabletop
  • Built-in safety stop to prevent the danger of clamping
  • Can be adapted with arm supports for a more balanced sitting position
  • Suitable for workplaces, schools, institutions, training centres and private homes
  • Recommended for wheelchair users, visually impaired and users with limited reach
”The Vision tables give both employees and pupils a better everyday life.”
Geelsgaard School (special school)
Uses Vision tables in specialised classrooms

The Ergo table series

consists of simple high quality, height-adjustable tables

The Ergo tales are ergonomic, robust, height-adjustable tables specially designed for people with limited mobility. In the Ergo series, you’ll find one-man tables, group tables, sit-stand desks and a multifunctional table for training and therapy sessions.

The series is developed based on ergonomic principles. It means that the user gets the best possible help and support. For example, it is easy to adjust the height, and you can choose a tiltable tabletop. The tilt feature can be a deciding factor for visually impaired, users with limited arm mobility and users with difficulties leaning over.

It is possible to adapt the Ergo tables to make the table exactly the way you want it. You can, e.g. get a pencil holder that sits on the table edge, and you can mount arm supports for a more balanced sitting position. That’s the kind of small details that make the Ergo series one of our customers’ favourites.


  • Height-adjustable tables
  • Many models, e.g. one-man tables, group tables, sit-stand desks and a multi-table (training and therapy table)
  • Variants for both children and adults
  • Robust, ergonomic and simple design
  • Available with brake wheels
  • User-friendly features
  • Available with a tiltable tabletop
  • Rounded corners and edges
  • Room for a wheelchair under the table
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Suitable for workplaces, schools, institutions, training centres and private homes
  • Recommended for wheelchair users, visually impaired and users with limited reach

we have other tables

Sometimes a table needs to be used for both meals, talking, working and meetings. 

Whether a smaller or larger table is needed, you can find a size that fits your needs.

It is the ideal solution for kitchens, family rooms, kitchen-dining areas and living rooms where you need a table that can be used for many different purposes.

Specially designed for people with mobility disabilities

When you choose a ROPOX table, you get much more than just a table. To put it short, you get a better everyday life where you can do more on your own. It not only gives you more self-esteem, but it also gives you a higher quality of life.
  • More independence – because of the many features and the flexible design
  • Greater reliability– the tables are safe and robust solutions that are tested and approved according to the standards in force
  • More applications – the tables can be used in private homes, workplaces, schools, training centres and meeting rooms
  • Better quality of life – because the user becomes more self-reliant and gets more freedom