Our whistleblowing service

Ropox A/S follows the highest standards in terms of integrity, honesty, and good behaviour.  

The compliance with all laws, regulations, and guidelines is thus very important to us. Moreover, all employees must follow our ethical guidelines (i.e. our ”Code of Conduct).  

If it comes to your knowledge that some regulations are not complied with, we encourage business partners to contact the director regarding the circumstances while employees should contact their superior, another manager, or the director.

If you cannot have the direct dialogue with us, please feel free to use our Whistleblower Scheme.

The Whistleblower Scheme can only be used to report criminal offences and violations of law, serious or repeated violations of working environment regulations, or significant internal guidelines and personal conflicts such as harassment.

The Whistleblower Scheme must not be used for minor offences, dissatisfaction with general contractual terms or conditions of employment.

The Whistleblower Scheme is established through our Swedish parent company AddLife and managed by the external partner ”WhistleB, Whistleblowing Centre” to maintain anonymity and confidentiality of all reports.

Reports are made via this link: https://report.whistleb.com/da/addlife where you must follow the website guidelines.