Use stationary brackets if you need to adjust cabinet height occasionally

In for example assisted living facilities and sheltered housing you may need to adjust the height of the upper cabinets occasionally. With the strong stationary brackets, you get a financially wise solution that allows you to adjust the height of upper cabinets when, e.g. a new resident moves in. This way, you get a flexible kitchen cabinet solution that meets the needs of people with limited mobility.


Stepwise height adjustment for all standard kitchen cabinets

When you mount the upper cabinets on brackets, you will be able to adjust the height in steps of 4,2 cm. The total height adjustment range will be 25 cm.

The brackets are designed so that they fit all standard size kitchen cabinets. This means that you can use them when you are mounting a new kitchen or if you need to upgrade cabinets that are already mounted. Either way, it is an easy way to get height-adjustable cabinets.


Discreet mounting for an elegant look

Once mounted, the brackets are hidden behind the back of the cabinet. This allows you to create a kitchen that looks elegant and modern and at the same time get cabinets with height adjustment and maximum accessibility. For people with limited impairment, a height-adjustable cabinet can make a huge impact on their everyday lives, because it enables them to use the kitchen without any limitations.


Durable and high-quality design

The brackets’ ability to bear a load of 90 kilos evenly distributed makes them a strong and solid solution. They also comply with DS/EN12182-2012 which is the standard for assistive products for persons with disability. It is also a seal of approval that they are durable and high-quality products that can withstand daily use for years.


Item no.: 30-80000

Brackets for upper cabinets
Height Adjustment 25 cm vertically up- and downward in increments of 4.2 cm
1 set = 2 upper cabinet brackets and 2 wall brackets

Standard colour white - RAL 9010

Technical data

Stationary Brackets Technical Data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN12182-2012
Max. load: 90 kg evenly distributed