4Single Complete

A multifunctional table for people with impairments


4Single Electric

4Single Manual

4Single Complete is a high-quality multifunctional table for people with impairments. It comes with an elegant  grey laminate top with black edges and a stylish grey frame.

It is available in two sizes, with manual or electrical height adjustment and two different height adjustment ranges. If required, it can also be made by measure according to your specifications.

The versatile table with the modern look is suitable for dining, work, play, meetings and much more. The simplicity of design and the smooth height adjustment make it a perfect fit for private homes and professional environments when you are looking for an elegant and disability-friendly table.

An elegant multifunctional table

4Single Complete is an elegant multifunctional table with the 4Single Frame as a base and a beautiful laminate tabletop. The versatile table is used for dining, working, meetings and much more. The stylish and modern look makes it a favourite in private homes and professional settings where larger tables are needed.

The most significant quality

Private and professional customers are excited about the modern, minimalist design. Even though the table is designed for people with impairments, it has a floating elegance that looks like something from a magazine. The smooth laminate top with black edges and the grey frame are in line with the understated, simple Scandinavian design tradition that fits modern settings so well. Due to its simplicity, it blends into most environments and plays the part as the natural gathering point.

Manual or electrical height adjustment in two ranges

When deciding on a 4Single Complete table, you also have to choose whether you want it with electrical or manual height adjustment. Each model is available with two different height adjustment ranges:

  • From 57,5 cm to 87,5 cm
  • From 67,5 cm to 97,5 cm

The manual height adjustment is set by using a handle on the side of the table. Turning the handle requires minimum effort and steadily raises and lowers the table to the desired level.

The electrical height adjustment is managed by using the control panel on the front edge of the table. With a light push on the button, you can set the table height. It is also possible to get a remote control for the electrical height adjustment.

Avoid cables with battery-powered height adjustment

If you want to avoid cords and cables, you can choose a battery-powered model. Adding a battery solution to the table makes it possible to adjust the height without any cables from the table to a power socket.

It also allows you to move the table more freely because you do not have to rely on having a power socket nearby or be limited by the length of the cables. Furthermore, cables can often be a dirt and dust trap, which you avoid with battery-powered height adjustment.

Choose one of the standard models or get a custom-made table

There are two standard sizes in the 4Single Complete range, but it is also possible to get the table custom-made in the size you need. The standard sizes are:

  • 165 x 100 cm
  • 200 x 100 cm

It is possible to mount brake wheels on the table, which gives you the possibility to move the table around. At the same time, you can rely on the table to stand firmly once the wheels are braked.

You can also get floor fittings for the table if you want the table fixed at a certain point. If you choose floor fittings, the table will be solidly fixed to the same place, and it will require removal of the floor fittings if you want to move the table.

We know that it is not always easy to find the right table. That is why it is possible to get a custom-made 4Single Complete. If the standard sizes do not fit your requirements, you are welcome to get in touch, and we would be happy to assist you in creating the perfect table for you with the features and surfaces you would like.