Ergo group tables

The perfect rehab and occupational therapy table for people with impairments


Ergo Group Table

ErgoGroup is a series of versatile group tables for gathering people with different levels of mobility around a table. You can easily adjust the height, and wheelchair users can enjoy easy access to the table.

The ErgoGroup table comes with an elegant grey frame and a grey laminate top. A stylish design that matches modern homes and professional environments.

You can choose between three different sizes, and it is possible to customise the table. For example, you can mount castors with brakes if you want the flexibility of a movable table. You can also add arm support for increased comfort for wheelchair users.

A stylish and height-adjustable group table

In private and professional environments, people gather around a table to eat, talk or work. The table must – of course – be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of mobility. That is why we made the ErgoGroup table. A stylish, height-adjustable group table that allows everyone to sit comfortably. The clever details and ergonomic design have made it a popular table for various purposes and settings.

Easy to adjust the height

You can adjust the height of the ErgoGroup table from 56 cm to 90 cm, providing you with a height adjustment range of 34 cm. This enables you to set the table to a height that suits the users. And if you need to lower or raise the table height, you just put in the crank on the side of the table. When turning the hand crank, you can easily lower or raise the height.

The height adjustment is maintenance-free so that you can benefit from your table for years without worries.


Easy-to-clean and classic design

ErgoTables come with a matte grey laminate top. Laminate is a super practical surface. Not only is it smooth and comfortable to touch, but it also easy to maintain. In combination with the grey frame, the table has a simple, elegant and timeless look.

Every detail of the table is carefully considered. The corners are nicely rounded, and there are no sharp edges. We have also designed the table without crossbars so that wheelchair users can get close to the table and into a comfortable sitting position.

From 8 to 100 seats around a table​

ErgoGroup is available in three sizes:

  • 165 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 240 cm

Each model is 100 cm in width.

If you are looking for a larger table than the 240 cm x 100 cm table, you can easily put the ErgoGroup tables end-to-end. This way, you can create the exact size you need – and basically create a table that seats 1o0 people or more.

Use castors to increase flexibility

It is possible to mount brake castors to the ErgoGroup table. When the table is mounted on castors, you get maximum flexibility because you can easily move the table to wherever you want it. There are two types of castors with brakes. One type increases the table height by 8 cm, and the other type has no impact on table height. Depending on what minimum and/or maximum height you need, this should be considered when choosing castors.

Arm supports improve wheelchair user comfort

Wheelchair users will enjoy getting close to the table because crossbars do not block the wheelchair underneath the tabletop. However, to provide wheelchair users with an even better sitting position, you can add arm supports. They are fitted on the table edge and give wheelchair users the possibility to rest their forearms. They also support wheelchair users with extra torso balance, which may be needed for users who have reduced mobility in their upper body.