A manual lift system that makes kitchen tabletops height-adjustable



FlexiManual is a manual lift system for kitchen tabletops. When you mount a tabletop on the lift system, you can manually adjust the height in a 30 cm range going from 65 to 95 cm. The adjustment range makes the lift system suitable for both seated and standing users.

Wheelchair users often have difficulties using a regular tabletop because the lower cabinets block access for the wheelchair. With a tabletop on the FlexiManual system, you remove the lower cabinets so that seated users can get close to the table and use it just as well as standing users.

The height is adjusted manually with a handle. Just put the handle in the transmission of the front of the worktop and turn it to raise or lower the tabletop.

A manual lift system for kitchen tabletops

Height-adjustable tables are essential when creating an accessible kitchen. With FlexiManual, you get a lift system where you can manually adjust the height of the kitchen tabletop. When you can adjust the height of the tabletop, wheelchair users can get enough room for the wheelchair. In a regular kitchen, this is one of the primary problems as the lower cabinets block access to the tabletop for wheelchair users.

As the tabletop has no base cabinets and there are no crossbars under the tabletop, there is plenty of room for seated users to get in a comfortable position close to the table.

The manual lift system is a clever way to create a height-adjustable kitchen table that allows everyone to participate in kitchen activities.


A 30 cm height adjustment for worktops up to 3 metres

With a 30 cm height adjustment range, the FlexiManual enables you to set exactly the height you need. It also provides a convenient and ergonomically healthy working position at the table for standing and seated users – whether in the lowest position at 65 cm or the highest position at 95 cm.

The lift system is designed to fit all regular kitchen worktops 58 to 62 cm deep and up to 3 metres long. This allows you to design a kitchen that meets your specific needs. Depending on the length of your tabletop, you will need legs and support arms to keep the tabletop stable. In the ‘Overview’ section, you can see the right fit for specific tabletop lengths.

An accessible, modern and durable kitchen

A solution like FlexiManual has to include more than the practical features. It also has to blend into the kitchen interior. That is why you can choose covers for the visible, vertical legs that match the rest of the kitchen. This will make the legs blend naturally into your kitchen and keep your kitchen looking modern and stylish.

If you are looking to improve the accessibility of the rest of your kitchen, the FlexiManual lift system is complemented by, e.g.:

  • Diagonal: A lift system that makes kitchen upper wall cabinets height-adjustable
  • VertiElectric: A lift system that makes upper wall cabinets height-adjustable
  • VertiInside: A lift system that makes wall cupboard shelves height adjustable

Regardless if you use FlexiManual alone or in combination with other ROPOX products, you can be assured that the solutions are safe, enduring and of high quality. Naturally, they also comply with all relevant standards to secure a safe and enduring product.