The height-adjustable changing table Maxi2 is ideal for preschools and nurseries

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The carefully considered design prevents the staff from straining their backs when lifting the children onto the table. Using Maxi2, the staff can lower the table to a height where the children can crawl onto the table themselves. 

Once the child is safely positioned on the table, the care worker can easily raise the table to a comfortable working height using the control switch on the top of the unit.

Maxi2 has a cleaning-friendly design with rounded corners and edges. It is equipped with a safety stop and wire baskets underneath the tabletop so that nappies, cloths and waste bags are within easy reach. The modular design allows you to create a solution with, for example, bed guards, extra basket unit, side covers and washbasin, if required.

A safe, ergonomic and height-adjustable changing table

In nurseries and preschools, the child care workers often carry out several lifts each day when they help the children. One of the main strains is lifting toddlers on the changing table. This is a severe stress on the child care workers’ backs. With Maxi2, you can minimise the amount of lifting. The height-adjustable changing table is designed so that the children can crawl on the table without help, and the care workers can adjust the changing table to a comfortable working height.

Electric height adjustment ensures healthy working postures

The silent height adjustment mechanism makes a world of difference in the everyday lives in child care environments. In just 12 seconds, the table migrates 60 cm from minimum to maximum height. At the lowest point, the changing table is at only 40 cm. This allows even small toddlers to crawl on the changing bed themselves. Once they are safely positioned, the child care worker can then raise the table to as much as 100 cm with a light push on a button. The height adjustment control panel is elegantly integrated on the top on the lifting unit out of reach for the children.

With or without integrated washbasin

Maxi2 is available in two models: With or without a washbasin.

The unit without a washbasin is suitable for smaller changing rooms or if a washbasin is already installed near the changing table. With the handy measures of only 90×80 cm, this makes it convenient for many preschools.

The other model has an integrated washbasin. The depth of the tabletop is 80 cm at the lying area and 60 cm at the washbasin end. The ergonomic tabletop ensures that there is plenty of space for the child, and that the care worker has easy access to the washbasin. It measures 13o cm in length and is a good choice for professional child care environments that need a modern and long-lasting solution. If the washbasin is fitted with a touch-free mixer tap, the child care worker can moist a washcloth with just one hand while keeping the other hand on the child.

A comfortable and safe changing table

The Maxi2 comes with a built-in safety stop. This means that the changing table stops immediately if something is jammed when it is lowered or raised. The table automatically relieves the pressure, allowing you to remove the jammed item. This means that the risk of crusing injuries is practically eliminated, and children and care workers get a safe and ergonomic environment for changing clothes and nappies.

If further safety measures are required, it is possible to mount bed guards on the sides. This prevents the child from rolling over the sides.

In case you put two changing tables next to each other, a side cover can be fitted. This shields each changing table and ensures that the changing situation is kept private and secure.

Unique ergonomic design

The unique ergonomic design of Maxi2 makes it a ideal solution for professional child care environments that are looking for a changing table. The tabletop form provides maximum safety for the child, and along with the height adjustment, the child care workers get optimum working conditions.