Makes showering safe and increases independence for people with impairments


Shower seat

The padded folding Shower Seat is an assistive aid that brings extra security to the shower. The robust and soft foldable seat can be equipped with a back rest and fold-down support arms. This means that you get a space-saving solution that only takes up minimum space when not in use.

The large seating area has a convenient gripping edge, and the backrest and seat are padded with soft foam. Along with the ergonomic design, the user gets a shower support that are both comfortable and safe in use.

Using a Shower Seat is a simple and cost-efficient way to increase the independence of people with limited mobility. In addition, the simple design works well for private bathrooms as well as professional care centres and hospitals.

Added shower safety with the space-optimising Shower Seat

Most people enter a wet, slippery shower with care. Even more, if you have limited physical mobility. Then, the shower can be quite challenging, and a simple aid like a Shower Seat is a solution that adds extra safety when showering.

The Shower Seat is a practical solution that is easily mounted on the wall. The soft seat is equipped with fold-down arms that give the users more confidence and security in the shower. The seat is solid and serves as reliable support for people who prefer to shower while sitting down.

Smart design saves space

The Shower Seat is designed to fit even smaller bathrooms. This way, private bathrooms or bathrooms that are not made with accessibility in mind can get extra assistive aids that increase the user’s independence. As the Shower Seat only takes up very little space, it fits almost any shower when it is folded in an upright position.

It is also possible to choose a height-adjustable unit along with the Shower Seat. Using the button located just above the seat, you can raise or lower the seat up to 12,5 cm in height. Adjusting the height is easily done and is a quick way to adapt the shower to individual requirements.

Backrest and support arms

The Shower Seat can be used as a stand-alone item, but it is also possible to upgrade the seat with a backrest with support arms.

The backrest is also padded with soft foam and allows the user to lean back in the shower. This way, the user can sit very comfortably.

The fold-down support arms have an ergonomic shape and slip-resistant surface, allowing the users to get a firm grip on the support arms. With the backrest and support arms, the user is supported to both sides and backwards, which is comfortable and helps torso balancing.

Anti-slip design

As showers often can be slippery, the Shower Seat has anti-slip surfaces on the grab areas. The soft seat, backrest and support arms are all fitted with soft – yet non-slip – surface. This makes the users feel safe and comfortable and reduces the risk of falling in the shower.

As with all other ROPOX products, the Shower Seat complies with or exceeds the relevant international standards. This is a guarantee that the product is durable, reliable and safe to use. So when you need an effective and economical solution to add more safety in the shower, the Shower Seat is a safe bet.