An aid that enhances confidence and independence for people with functional impairments.

ROPOX Toilet Lifter is a solution that takes the strain out of lowering and lifting from the toilet sitting position. The powerful motor allows the user to use the toilet independently as they are gently supported to get into a sitting or upright position. The Toilet Lifter is available with electrical or manual height adjustment. Both models are easily operated by intuitive and simple hand controls or levers even if the user has reduced functional mobility.

The smooth materials allow for easy cleaning, and the rounded corners and flat surface ensure that there are no dirt traps. This way, you can maintain the required high hygiene in the bathroom.

As the Toilet Lifter is easily fitted into a bathroom, it is ideal for private homes, hospitals, or professional care homes.

ROPOX Toilet Lifter enhances confidence

The ROPOX Toilet Lifter is an assistive aid supporting people with functional impairments in using the toilet independently. When having reduced mobility, there is a need for aids that enhances confidence and coordination while supporting the user to independent toilet use. The Toilet Lifter can do just that.

As it gently supports the user into a sitting position and raises the user into a standing position, people who need toilet assistance can be empowered to do toileting independently.



Manual or electric height adjustment

The Toilet Lifter is available with electric or manual height adjustment. Both models have the same compact and lightweight design ensuring great accessibility from all sides.

The electric model has a 25 cm height adjustment range going from 40 cm to 65 cm. Using the intuitive hand control, the user can easily adjust the height. When height adjustment is completed, there is a small hook for easy placing of the hand control.

The manual model has a total height adjustment range of 22 cm from 40 cm to 62 cm. Here, the user sets the height using a small handle on the side of the unit. You can remove the handle if required.

Accessories for extra safety and comfort

If extra safety or comfort is required, the accessory range has options to add Arm Supports or a Back Support.

The Arm Supports are foldable and come in a straight or wave-shaped type. They have an ergonomic shape that gives the users a firm grip and is easy to clean. When the Arm Supports are folded up, the user and/or care worker still has free access from all sides. It is an easy way to provide extra safety measures for the users.

There is also the possibility to add a Back Support to the Toilet Lifter. The soft back support supports the user and provides extra comfort when using the toilet.

You can see all Arm Support and Back Support models below.

Cleaning-friendly and elegant design

The Toilet Lifter is designed with a smooth surface. This makes cleaning easy and ensures that there are no hidden dirt traps. Also, using straight cables instead of spiral cables, all parts can be thoroughly cleaned.

The Toilet Lifter cover hides away installations and gives the solution an elegant look that blends into any environment.

The hygienic design is often a must in professional spaces, and often, private users prefer that the aids are cleaning-friendly to ensure a healthy environment.