Vision High/Low

Vision High/Low sit-stand desk has extra-long height adjustment and a fixed or tiltable worktop


Vision High/Low

Vision High/Low is an electrical sit-stand desk with an extra-long height adjustment range. The table is available in three sizes and with either a fixed or tiltable tabletop.

The tiltable worktop makes it particularly useful for weak-sighted people and users who have difficulties leaning forward.

As you can raise the worktop 71° – almost vertical position – it becomes easier for the user to see the papers on the table.

The smart MagRule is a magnetic ruler that helps you keep papers in place on the tabletop even when it is tilted. The clever little details and the extra-long height adjustment range makes Vision High/Low a perfect table for people who are looking for a stylish sit-stand desk.

A stylish sit-stand desk with extra-long height adjustment

Vision High/Low is a perfect sit-stand desk for people with limited mobility. It has an extra-long height adjustment range and comes with either a fixed or tiltable worktop. The table is available in three sizes:

  • 90×60 cm
  • 120×60 cm
  • 90×90

Fixed or tiltable worktop

The stylish sit-stand desk comes with either a fixed or a tiltable worktop. The model with a tiltable worktop is often a favourite among people with vision impairments or reduced mobility in the upper body. The reason is that because the worktop can be raised 0-71°, it can be placed in an almost vertical position. Having the items on the table brought so much closer to the user without leaning forward makes it easier for users to see and reach the items on the tabletop.

Magnetic ruler keeps papers in place

The table has a steel plate worktop. This means that you can use magnets to fasten items on the worktop. Small magnets are useful, but the MagRule is also a possibility. This is a 50 cm magnetic ruler that keeps the papers in place – even when the tabletop is tilted to its maximum. The length of MagRule means that when reading a newspaper or magazine, the MagRule is long enough to keep it fastened, and you don’t have to use several magnets.

Extra-long height adjustment range

The Vision High/Low has an unusually long height adjustment range. Going from 62 cm to 127 cm, you get 65 cm of quiet and efficient upwards and downwards movement. The height is easily adjusted with a light touch on the arrow buttons on the front edge of the table.

If you want to avoid cords on the ground, the table can be supplied with a battery solution. This makes it completely cordless and underlines the elegant and simple design.

Extra support, safety and mobility

You can get arm supports for Vision High/Low for users who need extra support around the torso. The users can use them to rest their forearms to get a more comfortable position by the desk. They can also be used as extra torso support for people who need support around their upper body for an optimized position.

The safety stop means that the user is always safe when raising or lowering the sit-stand desk. If anything gets jammed, the safety stop brings the table to an immediate stand-still and relieves the pressure so that you can remove the jammed item.

For increased flexibility, you can add castors with brakes on the sit-stand desk. Adding castors gives you more mobility since you can easily move the table to wherever you need it.

Vision High/Low’s clever details and extra-long height adjustment makes it a durable, reliable and elegant sit-stand desk for people with limited mobility and vision impairments.