Vision Table Electric

Tables with electrical height adjustment for people with disabilities


Vision Table Electric - Type A

Vision Table Electric - Type B

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Vision Table Electric - Type G

The height-adjustable Vision Electric Table is designed for people with vision impairments and people with limited mobility. The control switch for height adjustment is elegantly integrated into the tabletop. The users can easily adjust the height up or down with a gentle touch of a button.

There are several shapes and sizes in the Vision Electric series. There are also two height adjustment ranges available. This makes the table suitable for a number of purposes, e.g. work, play, school and training.

The high-quality tables comply – or exceed – all relevant standards and offer a long-lasting, reliable and elegant solution for people who need extra support in a table.

Vision Electric Tables has electrical height adjustment and a tiltable top

Vision Electric is a premium table for people with vision or physical impairments. The table is height-adjustable and is easily operated with the elegant control switch integrated into the tabletop. As the table is made of high-quality materials and proven technology, this is a durable and long-lasting solution.

The table is especially suitable for visually impaired and wheelchair users. People with vision impairments find the tiltable tabletop a huge help, and wheelchair uses enjoy having easy access to the table.

Clinical Reasoning when recommending a Vision Table

Each person is unique and has individual goals, aspirations and needs. An occupational therapy assessment should provide the clinician with an understanding on the person’s limitations on occupational performance. This section may help with documentation and clinical reasoning when recommending the Vison table. Please read more about Clinical reasoning and evidence based practice document.

Disability-friendly table with a fixed or tiltable tabletop

The Vision Electric table is available with a fixed or tiltable tabletop that can be infinitely tilted 0-71°. This is particularly useful for the visually impaired and people who have difficulties leaning forward.

When the tabletop can tilt, it can be raised and come closer to the user, and this feature makes a big difference. It makes it much easier to read for the visually impaired when the tabletop can be raised into an almost vertical position.

Find the right size

The Vision Electric table is available in three different sizes:

  • 90×60 cm
  • 120×60 cm
  • 90×90 cm

Each table size is also available in two different height adjustment ranges:

  • 60-90 cm
  • 50-70 cm

Furthermore, the tables can be supplied with a fixed or tiltable top. If you are looking for a table with a tiltable top, you can decide if the entire tabletop should be tiltable or only a part of it. It is possible to supply tabletops where only a section of the tabletop tilts, and you can decide whether the tiltable section should be to the right, left or in the centre. The advantage of tabletops that are partly fixed and partly tiltable is that you can use the fixed part to lay off pencils and other utensils.

Built-in safety stop

Height-adjustable solutions always have an inherent risk of jamming accidents. To prevent this, Vision Electric comes with a built-in safety stop.

The safety stop brings the table to a halt if anything is jammed. It also moves slightly in the opposite direction to relieve the pressure and allow you to remove the jammed item. The safety stop is a simple feature, but it brings peace of mind knowing that the user will be safe when adjusting the table.

Customise the table to your needs

You can customise Vision Electric with extra accessories, among others, the MagRule. The MagRule is a magnetic ruler that sticks to the tabletop. This means that you can keep papers in place when the tabletop is tilted to avoid papers sliding down.

It is also possible to add arm supports on the front of the table. The arm supports give the user extra torso support and help users with a balanced sitting position at the table.

You can also get brake castors for the table. This way, you get the flexibility of a movable table, but still, you benefit from the strong, solid design of Vision Electric.

For private and professional settings

Vision Electric is suitable for private homes and professional health care environments. The design is durable, reliable and certified according to the relevant standards in force. Furthermore, the elegant, simple look blends well into any setting and makes it a favourite among both users and careworkers.