Vision Table Manual

The Vision Manual with manual height adjustment is a table designed for people with impairments


Vision Table Manual - Type A

Vision Table Manual - Type B

Vision Table Manual - Type C

Vision Table Manual - Type D

Vision Table Manual - Type E

Vision Table Manual - Type F

Vision Table Manual - Type G

The Vision Manual Table has a tiltable tabletop and manual height adjustment. The ergonomic design and clever features make it ideal for people with impairments.

There are three different sizes in the Vision Manual Table series and two different height adjustment ranges. You can choose between a fixed tabletop and a tiltable tabletop.

The Vision Manual Table is an excellent option when you need a table for people with impairments. The variety allows you to use the table for work, school, play and training purposes.

The table is suitable for use in private homes and professional spaces, and the elegant and user-friendly design makes it a popular choice.

An elegant and height-adjustable table for people with impairments

The disability-friendly Vision Manual Table is designed for the visually impaired and people with limited mobility.

For the visually impaired and people who have difficulties leaning over a table, the tiltable tabletop makes the table much more accessible to them. As they can tilt the table up to  71°, they can bring the papers on the tabletop closer to them and within reading range.

The smart design without any crossbars also ensures that wheelchair users have easy access to the table and plenty of room for a wheelchair.

Clinical Reasoning when recommending a Vision Table

Each person is unique and has individual goals, aspirations and needs. An occupational therapy assessment should provide the clinician with an understanding on the person’s limitations on occupational performance. This section may help with documentation and clinical reasoning when recommending the Vison table. Please read more about Clinical reasoning and evidence based practice document.

Fixed or tiltable tabletop

It is possible to choose a Vision Manual Table with a fixed or tiltable tabletop. The models with tiltable tabletop can be infinitely tilted 0-71°. On some models, the entire tabletop tilts, and on other models, it is only part of the tabletop that tilts, and the other part is fixed. On these models, the tiltable section can be to the left, right or centre.

The tiltable tabletop is magnetic, and with the magnetic ruler, you can fasten papers onto the tabletop. This ensures that papers stay on the tabletop even when it is tilted.

Two height adjustment ranges and three table sizes

In the Vision Manual range, there are three different sizes:

  • 90×60 cm
  • 90×90 cm
  • 120×60 cm

Each table is available in two height adjustment ranges that are manually adjusted.

  • 50-70 cm
  • 60-90 cm

With the options regarding fixed and fully or partly tiltable tabletop, there are several table models in the range, and you can likely find just the right table for your needs and requirements.

Customise the Vision Manual table to individual needs

If you would like a movable table, you can add castors to the table. This gives you the flexibility to place the table where you need it easily and quickly. Even when the table is mounted on castors, it remains solid and strong.

For extra torso support, you can add arm supports. They provide extra support on the sides to help the user achieve a balanced sitting position.

High-quality and long-lasting design

The Vision Manual Table is a popular choice for many users and care workers due to its high-quality design. Many users become more independent because the clever features allow them to do more on their own. And increased independence usually leads to a better everyday life.

The user-friendliness of the table also makes it a favourite among care workers as they can move and adjust the height easily and quickly.

So when you are looking for a versatile table for people with impairments and their helpers, the Vision Manual Table is definitely an option to explore.