The variety of users sets high demands for flexible furniture

Besides being a primary and lower secondary school, Christianshavn’s School is also used by the local community. When the pupils finish off school, the premises are used for various after-school and youth activities as well as evening classes. Therefore, the school’s facilities have to accommodate the needs of both adults, teenagers and children.

The school needed flexible and durable furniture so they could continue to welcome the surrounding community. One way of doing this was by choosing multi-purpose solutions that were mobile and height-adjustable.

With the ROPOX 4Single table frame, they could tick off all of these boxes. The table frames are height adjustable, easy to move and are based on a principle of flexibility. Also, the school could get the tables in exactly the measures they wanted. And they did not have to compromise on either durability or user-friendliness.

The 4Single table frames provided the school with a smart way of getting flexible interior. Now, they can easily adjust the tables to suit both pupils, teachers and other users of the facilities – without any hassle.

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