When Anette was in her late 30s, she contracted meningitis, and it changed her world forever. Fortunately, she survived, but the disease left her partially paralysed, which is why she now uses a wheelchair.
As a wheelchair user, there are countless challenges in an ordinary house – especially in the kitchen: the height of the kitchen worktop is suitable for a standing user and not for someone in a wheelchair, and it is impossible to get the wheelchair under the table because of the base cabinets.
Anette also faced these issues, which meant she could not get a good working position when cooking, and it was difficult for her to use the stove and sink, among other things.

”Especially the height of the kitchen worktop was a problem” says Anette.

When the family decided to build a new house, the kitchen naturally had to be wheelchair accessible, and they visited several suppliers to find inspiration for a kitchen that was accessible, practical and had a modern and simple design to match their new house.
It was also important that Anette could make full use of the kitchen and that she was able to take part in regular kitchen tasks, such as moving hot pots, chopping vegetables, washing dishes, and using the stove.

”It’s great that I can get close to the table” says Anette.

The family chose a ROPOX FlexiElectric lift system for their kitchen table. It is a wall-mounted corner frame where you can choose your own worktop and elements. Anette chose the frame with electric height adjustment so she can easily adjust the height of the table. At the same time, the rest of the family can also change the height when using the kitchen. The lifting system is available in several sizes, and Anette chose a type that can fit a sink, chopping area, and cooking plates.

”I have a greater desire to cook beacuse it’s easier for me now” says Anette.

Anette has chosen to have the sink installed on one side of the corner, and the hotplates are mounted on the other side. This means that Anette can slide pots and pans from the sink to the hotplates or vice versa, and she does not have to move kitchen items around in her lap.
In the new kitchen, Anette also has a much better working position because there is space for her wheelchair under the table. This allows her to get close to the worktop, also when using the sink and the hotplates.
The new kitchen has had a big impact on Anette’s daily life. It has made cooking easier and more enjoyable, she now sits comfortably at the table, and she has easy access to all the important areas of the kitchen. So, it is much more than just a kitchen. It has increased her quality of life and made her more independent.


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