The house share consists of 28 modern 2-room handicap dwellings consisting of 4 housing clusters with associated service and center facilities in an independent building.

In spring 2020, 28 new disabled-friendly homes were ready for their new residents in Mårslet near Århus, Denmark. The apartments, which are made specifically for people with multiple disabilities and intellectually disabled, lie in four clusters with green areas, courtyard environments and a shared activity centre. Everything is designed based on the principle that people with disabilities should have the same opportunities as others. Therefore, the apartments are equipped with modern and high-tech solutions.

Each apartment has two rooms and a bathroom with a toilet. In the bathroom, the developer has chosen to install the height-adjustable ROPOX SupportLine washbasin. It is a washbasin which not only can be adjusted in height and has integrated grabs on the front, and serves as a stable, flexible and reliable support point in the bathroom.

The bathrooms are also fitted with ROPOX Toilet Supports, grabs and rails. They are placed so the residents can use them for extra support; especially when getting to the toilet and in the shower. The well thought out design in the disabled-friendly homes makes the everyday life routines easier and safer for the occupiers, and it provides greater safety for both the user, their relatives and carers.

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