Welfare technology is becoming an increasingly bigger part of life within the area of residential accommodation, and the work with/on this new technology is becoming more and more intensive as well.

The challenge
Geelsgaard School is a special school for children with severe physical, mental and sensory disabilities. The school is for children from 0th to 10th grade but also offers teaching of young people and adults, residential accommodation and training.

The pupils are divided into four tracks, and each track is aimed at certain disabilities and has its own staff, rooms, principles of teachings and after school activities. This makes the environment safe and clear for the pupils.

The challenge for Geelsgaard School is that is is difficult to design rooms that can be used by many pupils with different needs and physical capacities.

”Our tables are used by many students with different needs.”

The strategy
At Geelsgaard School, they wanted to furnish the classrooms so they could easily be adapted to different pupil groups and age groups. That way, the pupils would get a better school environment, better sitting positions and better well-being. At the same time, it would improve the work environment for the staff, and it would give them more freedom in their teaching because the classrooms could be adapted to the pupils using them.

”The Vision tables make everyday life better for both the pupils and the staff.”

The solution
Geelsgaard School chose ROPOX Vision tables because the series is custom-made to be adaptable for individual needs. For example, it is easy to adjust the height and tilt the tabletop. The tiltable tabletop makes a critical difference to pupils that have difficulties leaning over a table. With a tiltable tabletop, they get a comfortable sitting position because they can incline the tabletop when reading or writing.

Also, there is room for a wheelchair under the table, a built-in safety stop, easy height adjustment, brake wheels and rounded edges which make the table comfortable, safe and easy to use for the pupils and the staff. At Geelsgaard School, they have both Vision Group Tables and Vision one-man tables giving the pupils the best possible school environment regardless if they are working in groups or on their own.

”It is easy to adjust the tables to the changing needs that occur when many different pupils use the tables.”

The result
As the the classrooms are furnished with ROPOX Vision tables, the pupils, helpers and staff can easily and quickly adjust the tables to the changing needs that occur when many different pupils use the tables each day. As there is a range of models and adjustment features in the Vision series, it is particularly suitable as training, teaching and play tables, and today, this is in favour of the pupils and staff at Geelsgaard School.

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