It was just an ordinary day at work when Jan Dalsholm’s life changed dramatically. A sudden accident turned his and his wife Jonna’s life upside down. Rehabilitation training and a determined mindset are paving the way back to mobility for Jan.


The challenge

Accidents happen, but sometimes they change your life completely. This is what happened to Jan Dalshom when he fell off a ladder at work one day. Jan broke his neck and was paralysed from the neck down.

Jan can regain much of his mobility, but only with daily rehabilitation training. He attends a training programme at a rehabilitation hospital, and he also trains at home supported by his wife, Jonna.

Jan and Jonna could see that Jan made impressive progress using the aids at the hospital. It made them aware that if they were to maintain Jan’s steep learning curve, they needed some of these aids at home.

”It’s amazing how much Jan can do by the Vision table,” says Jonna, wife of Jan.


The strategy

One of the key elements in Jan’s rehabilitation is a training table. At the hospital, Jan used the ROPOX Vision table, and Jan and Jonna could see the advancements Jan made when training by the table.

They also noticed that there was a huge difference between training by an ordinary table and a custom-made rehabilitation table. Having a height-adjustable training table was one of the answers to the continued success in the rehabilitation and reaching Jan’s target: Being able to get around with a walker and becoming self-reliant.

”Because Jan can get close to the table, he can reach things and train fine motor skills,” says Jonna, wife of Jan.


The solution

To provide Jan with the best conditions for his training programme, Jan and Jonna bought a ROPOX Vision table. It enabled Jan to keep up the training at home. The benefits of the Vision tables are that it is made specifically for people with reduced mobility and that is has a modern design that fits well into the interior of a private home.

The Vision table also allows Jan to get close to the table because there is plenty of room for a wheelchair. Furthermore, it is easy to adjust the table height, and the tabletop can be raised as well. This means that the tabletop can be set at an angle where Jan can read and turn the pages.

There are also arm supports to the table. They support Jan’s body and help Jan to get a balanced sitting position.

The result

Jan uses the Vision table for training every day. He trains fine motor skills by the table, and he uses it for eating and reading. As the table can accommodate for Jan’s reduced mobility, he rapidly regains his mobility capabilities. He is well on the way to becoming self-reliant and able to use a walker.

Jan and Jonna bought the Vision tables themselves, and since they did not have any professional qualifications, they relied on ROPOX’s experts and their advice and guidance.

Jan’s results speak for themselves. His advancements are impressive, and this is due to the programme at the rehabilitation hospital, the training at home and Jan and Jonna’s positive attitude and dedicated efforts.

”It’s solid and stylish, and it works. It’s worth every penny,” says Jonna, wife of Jan

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