Skovgården Care and Rehabilitation Centre in Denmark sets high demands for the working environment and strive to support the residents to become as self-reliant as possible. One way of accomplishing this is to use the latest technological advancements on the market.


The challenge

Skovgården Care & Rehabilitation Centre in Denmark offers 30 assisted living facilities and 40 housing units for rehabilitation. The care home serves the local community of residents with functional or cognitive impairment who needs support and care.

Their ambitions are to create a healthy working environment and help the residents to become self-reliant and independent. One way of doing this is by using the available technological advancements.

The challenge for Skovgården was to include modern welfare technology without compromising on safety, quality, design and user-friendliness in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

”Focus on welfare, care and technology”


The strategy

Satisfying both users and care workers require meticulous use of space and careful selection of products. Safety, user-friendliness and flexibility are critical for the new living spaces to meet the requirements. Reason being that the users must have the necessary aids to become self-reliant, and the working environment must be healthy for the care workers.

ROPOX advised Skovgården on how to furnish the new residential setting for residents with limited capacity. The users of the centre include all ages, and, therefore, flexibility is key.

Flexible solutions enable Skovgården to modify the interior to each user’s individual needs – easily and quickly. The result is that the users get the support they need to become more independent, and the care workers can reduce the amount of lifting.

”The residents get the right aids, and the care workers get the optimum working environment”


The solution

At Skovgården, you will find ROPOX solutions in the bathrooms and kitchen areas. The bathrooms were fitted with a SwingLine washbasin, a Toilet Lifter, Toilet Support Arms, a Shower Seat and Grab Rails. The bathrooms offer the user the aids they need to maintain their privacy for as long as possible because they make it easier for them to take care of themselves.

In the kitchens, the users can easily adjust the height of the ROPOX 4Single table frames. There are no base units under the tabletop. This gives both seated and standing users a good position by the table.

Using solutions that are created for persons with impairments, Skovgården has created apartments that are safe and cosy. The users can enjoy flexible and ergonomic living facilities, and the working environment is improved as the amount of heavy lifting is reduced to a minimum.

”Living facilities with simplicity, clarity and safety”


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