Stenslundcentret has built a new addition with 30 dementia-friendly assisted living facilities. The new wing is designed to fulfil the needs of the residents with dementia and the care workers who support them.


The challenge

When Stenslundcentret care home built a new wing with living facilities for people with dementia, they needed to take account of the future resident’s special needs. For the new addition to be a success, the apartments had to be designed for people with memory, communication and thinking impairment. At the same time, the new wing also had to be a modern workplace for care workers.

Fitting-out dementia-friendly apartments require a lot of consideration. The surroundings must have a homely feel, there must be a minimum of sensory stimulation, and it has to be easy to orientate oneself in the apartment and the building as a whole.

”Focus on creating a homely feeling”

The strategy
The most important aspect was to create cosy and comfortable homes for people with dementia. Furthermore, the new wing also had to be a natural extension of the existing care home.

Therefore, both the residents’ and care workers’ needs had to be taken into account. It involved detailed planning and in-depth professional insight about dementia and its development. These findings had to translate into practical solutions that would form the basis of the everyday lives of residents and staff.

”Cosy apartments and a modern workplace”


The solution

Height-adjustable tables

When the new wing was completed, they fulfilled all the needs. They were light and inviting and included numerous dementia-friendly features.

Among others, there are height-adjustable ROPOX 4Single tables in the kitchens. The tables are suitable for areas that are used by different users because they are easy to adjust in height. At Stenslundcentret, the height-adjustment feature is used, when different residents participate in daily kitchen routines.


A dementia-friendly bathroom concept

The bathrooms are also carefully designed. They have a complete, height-adjustable bathroom concept from ROPOX. It includes a ROPOX Toilet Lifter that gently supports the resident when getting on and off the toilet. Toilet Supports are mounted by the toilet. They give the user gets robust grab rails to hold on to.

The washbasin is a ROPOX SupportLine model. It is height-adjustable, and both seated and standing residents can use it. It also has integrated grabs on the front edge. This is another safety measure along with the extra grab rails in the room. They add to the residents’ safety and make the residents more self-reliant.

All in all, the new wing at Stenslundcentret is modern, dementia-friendly housing that provides the necessary assistive aids for the residents and presents the care workers with an inviting and healthy working environment.

”Apartments with dementia- and senior-friendly features”


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