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We have a case with a person with bad rheumatism and who can hardly move around. Her place of reach is limited to max 10 cm out from her stomach.
We want to help her find the right solution for living a more self-reliant life. This shall make her able to wash her hands and handle her daily hygiene by herself when using the washbasin from her sitting position. It is a big challenge for us to find a wash that at the same time will full fill her need for a short place of reach and still spare about 65 cm from the front of the washbasin and into the wall so that she will be able to reach the wash from her electrical wheelchair. The joystick is placed on a plate in front of her but she can tilt it to one side.

We are at the moment looking at the Ropox Swing washbasin as a possibility but we have some challenges concerning the height adjustment system – we want you to help us with.
Is there anyone of you clever persons who have any experiences or good ideas for how to find the right solution to solve these challenges?


We ended up by choosing a functional solution with the Ropox Swing washbasin. We choose a tap without touch and with a squirt of water for a leaning turn of max 15 – 20 and with a turned swivel so the water walls as close to the edge of the washbasin as possible. She got access the washbasin from the sides and the tap is place on the right side of the washbasin. When the washbasin is pulled out it makes it easy for her to enter the washbasin. It is also easy for her to move away from it again from her sitting position. This ended up being the right solution in order to compensate for the very short space of reach that she got and the her need for plenty of space under the washbasin for the wheelchair control box.

The insert was written by kirsten Fugl matthiasen, Occupational therapist

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