A reliable and proven washbasin for people with physical impairments



StandardLine is a height-adjustable unit that can be combined with three washbasin models to create an accessible solution for people with physical disabilities. If you prefer, you can mount a washbasin of your own choosing as well.

The strong, durable design and materials are the key to StandardLine being one of the favourite washbasins for private users and professional caregivers.

The washbasins available for the StandardLine unit are:

Standard washbasin –- a regular high-quality washbasin
Support washbasin – with integrated handrails
Hospital washbasin – ergonomic shape

The accessible StandardLine unit is a proven success in private as well as professional environments due to its reliability and easy use.

StandardLine is a height-adjustable washbasin unit

When you need a height-adjustable washbasin, StandardLine is the unit upon which you mount the washbasin. In addition, StandardLine has three different washbasin models you can fit on it. This way,  you can create a height-adjustable washbasin that meets your specific needs.

30 cm electrical height adjustment

StandardLine has a 30 cm height adjustment range going from 70 cm to 100 cm. This makes it equally suitable for many different users. For example, standing users can raise the height to suit their preference, and wheelchair uses can easily lower the washbasin to a height that fits them.

The height is adjusted using buttons that are placed on top of the unit. You can choose to place the buttons to the left or right, depending on your preference.

You can also choose a hand control in the accessory range for adjusting the height if you prefer that. The hand control is connected with a cable and has a discreet bracket for easy placing.

Washbasin types for the SupportLine unit

You will find three washbasin models for the SupportLine unit. Combining the unit with a washbasin creates a complete height-adjustable washbasin solution, including mixer tap, flexible connecting hoses and flexible waste.

All three washbasins are designed for people with disabilities. This means that they are easy to operate and have maximum space under the washbasin for wheelchair users. Depending on how and where the washbasin is to be used, you can pick the washbasin that best fits your needs:

Standard washbasin

The Standard model is a regular washbasin. It is made of durable, high-quality materials and has all the basic features you need in a washbasin. With the silky surface and rounded corners and edges, cleaning becomes easy.

Support washbasin

The Support washbasin is designed with integrated handrails on the front edge. This provides extra safety for people who need extra grab rails in the bathroom. Also, wheelchair users find them useful to pull themselves towards the washbasin or when turning the wheelchair. The free space under the bowl ensures plenty of legroom for seated users.

Hospital washbasin

The Hospital washbasin is made of porcelain. The inwardly curved front edge makes it possible to get very close to the mixer tap, making it highly suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Elegant design with hidden installations

The unit elegantly hides away plumbing and installations, leaving a discreet impression that blends into any environment. Combined with a washbasin of your choice, you can create a height-adjustable washbasin with maximum accessibility that meets your individual needs.