Ropox Changing Tables

Disabled changing tables and shower trolleys for adults and children

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Height adjustable changing tables and shower trolleys for adults and disabled

The changing tables and shower trolleys all has an ergonomic and elegant design where the child or adult user has a comfortable and safe position. The caregivers can use the height adjustment to set the table to a good working height, and it also minimizes the number of lifts as it can be lowered to 30 cm where the child can crawl upon the changing table unassisted and dependent users can be transferred smoothly. An ergonomic, height adjustable and cleaning-friendly design ensures a healthy work environment. For example, the changing table for disabled has a 70 cm height adjustment and can be lowered to 30 cm and raised to 100 cm. This allows wheelchair user easy transfer onto the changing table, and it also reduces the number of lifts for the staff. The caregivers can quickly adjust the height using the hand control with a spiral cord. You can mount the hand control next to the changing table to keep it within easy reach when supporting a user on the table.

User-friendly changing tables for changing places

All surfaces and materials for the changing tables and the showering trolleys are carefully chosen. The mattress is made of soft PUR foam that is very comfortable for the user and the underside of the mattress has a non-slip surface to reduce the risk of it sliding on the lying area. The built-in shock absorbers make it easy to fold the changing table up to vertical position when it is not in use, and when you fold it down, it lowers softly and smoothly. As the changing table is foldable, you can create more space in the changing place when the table is no longer needed. Naturally, the changing table for changing places is also cleaning-friendly. The lying area has a smooth laminate top, and the wall unit has an even surface. Both are easy to wash and keep clean to maintain clean and hygienic conditions.

Disabled changing tables for adults and children

The changing table length allows you to choose from models with the following sizes: 120, 140, 160, 180, and 190 cm. All models are available in width: 70 cm. The broad range of models makes it possible to find a height adjustable changing table that fits the individual user or care center.

Accessories for increased safety and comfort

All ROPOX’ products are naturally tested and approved to comply with the relevant standards. This way we can guarantee the high standard with regards to durability and safety that characterized our product range. The mobile changing bench has brake wheels that ensure a safe and stable position when the wheels are braked. The changing table is available with or without bed guards. The bed guards keep the user in a safe position without risk of falling over the edge of the bench. This makes both user and caregivers feel safe in changing and care situations. It may be necessary to shield involuntary movements against the bed guard. Therefore, it is possible to mount a cover on the bed guard. When people with limited physical abilities receive care for changing and personal care, it is essential that the changing table is comfortable and safe.

A mobile changing table gives you greater flexibility

A freestanding changing table on wheels gives you greater flexibility in use. Especially in hospitals, care centers or rehabilitation centers, you may need to move a changing table from one room to another, and in these situations, a mobile changing table is a big advantage compared to wall-mounted changing benches. The mobile changing table has electrical height adjustment, and this feature is essential for the work environment of the care staff. As the height of the changing bench can be lowered and raised, the caregivers can set the bed to a healthy and ergonomic working height. The height adjustment also makes it possible to lower the changing bench to a height where the transfer of a user onto the bench becomes easy, and it entails less physical strain for the carers.

Shower trolley for disabled makes personal care easier

Moving a user onto a shower trolley can involve lifting and inexpedient working positions for the care workers. It is a safe and pleasant experience for the users when they need washing or changing. The shower trolley can be set to the right working height for the staff, and since it is movable, it means fewer transfers. This is a plus for both the staff and the user. For example, you can move the bed into the bedroom, lower it to the correct height for the transfer and then raise it again and move it back to the bathroom.

Comfortable, convenient and hygienic changing and shower trolleys

The changing and shower tables for adults and children has a comfortable, practical and hygienic design. The water flows easily into the collection tray so that the user always lies in clean water. The rounded edges and corners of the tray are easy to clean, keeping a high level of hygiene. The user lies on soft PUR foam slats that feel comfortable and warm against the skin. The slats bend slightly upward in the middle on one side. This makes it easier to help a user on the side when they need to change clothes. On the other side, the slats bend slightly down in the middle. This ensures that the user has a safe and secure position when they get help with washing.
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