Ropox bathroom

Below you will find a selection of our bathroom products. You can buy both washbasins toilet support arms seats etc.

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Accessible bathrooms

ROPOX bathroom concepts illustrate how you can design flexible, functional, stable and ergonomic bathrooms that are customized to the needs of the elderly and disabled. You will find washbasins, grab rails, shower seats, toilet lifter, support arms and nursing benches in our range and this allows you to create complete bathrooms with ROPOX products which are known for their elegant, ergonomic and functional design that meet the needs of both users and their carers.

Intelligent bathroom solutions for the elderly and disabled

All our bathroom solutions are made in close cooperation with users, nursing assistants, and occupational therapists to make sure they take all the needs of the users and carers into account. Regardless if the user is using a wheelchair, is walking impaired or in any other way has limited physical ability, a bathroom with ROPOX products can make everyday life easier.The right assistive aids can also make a significant difference to the carers. Partly because the physical strain is reduced as the number of manual lifts are minimized, and they can provide care in healthy working positions, and partly because they get more time for other tasks when the users become more self-sufficient.Bathrooms for people with mobility disabilities have to be sturdy and ergonomic to make the users feel safe when using the bathroom. That is why all our products are tested and approved according to relevant standards. This means that you can rely on ROPOX products to last for years.

Disabled bathrooms for care centers

When designing a bathroom for people with limited physical capacity, it is essential to provide the necessary assistive aids for the users. Including the right assistive aids helps making elderly and wheelchair users self-sufficient which improves their quality of life and at the same time makes the work of the helpers easier.
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