Vario Changing Bed

A height adjustable nursing bench for children and adults who need assistance with changing and personal care


Vario Changing Bed

Vario is a comfortable and safe changing table for people with impairments. You can fold the wall-mounted changing table up against the wall to optimise the use of space. Due to the built-in shock absorbers, you can fold the table up and down with minimum effort.

You can lower Vario to 30 cm and raise it to 100 cm in height. The height is adjusted with a hand control. This makes it possible to set the changing table at a low height to enable a smooth transfer for the user. Afterwards, you can raise it to a healthy and ergonomic working height.

Vario changing table is available in five different lengths. This makes it possible to get the perfect size for both children, young people and adults. The changing table is suitable for all kinds of professional environments where people with impairments need assistance with changing clothes.

A space-saving, practical and comfortable changing table

Vario is an electrically height-adjustable changing table available in five lengths. This makes it suitable for a range of professional environments where children and adults need changing and dressing.

The changing table can be lowered to 30 cm, allowing children to crawl up on the table themselves. It also makes transfers easier for users who require assistance. The ability to change the height to suit individual user requirements improves the working environment for the care workers, and at the same time, it is comfortable and safe for the users.

Carefully considered design

The carefully considered design is seen in every detail of Vario. The slim design is discreet yet elegant. The foldable feature saves space. The mattress is made of soft PUR foam for maximum comfort. It has a non-slip surface to ensure the mattress stays in place. And the smooth surfaces with rounded edges makes it very cleaning-friendly.

Foldable design saves space

The changing table folds up and down. This means that you can save space when the table is not in use. The built-in shock absorbers make it easy to fold it up to a vertical position. And when you fold it down, it lowers gently.

Vario is mounted on the wall. This way, you get free space underneath the changing bench and avoid dust and dirt gathering around a changing table frame.

Easy height adjustment

Vario is suitable for children and adults. The smallest model is 120 cm long, and the largest is 190 cm long. The changing bed length allowing you to choose from models with the following sizes: 120, 140, 160, 180, and 190 cm.

All models are available in width: 70 cm.

The broad range of models makes it possible to find a changing bed that fits the individual user or care center.

For a care center where the changing bed is to be used for helping children with changing, a bench of 120 x 70 cm may be fitting, while a care center for adults with limited mobility may need a bench of 190 x 70 cm.

It gives the Vario changing bed an ergonomic design. This means that it has the features, surfaces, and details that make it easy and suitable for the caregivers.

Safety is key

Maximum reliability and safety are key points in choosing a changing table. When you use Vario, you will find it extremely secure for both users and care workers.

The product complies with every relevant standard. It can bear a maximum load of 200 kilos, making it secure for people with excess weight.

Every model is also available with or without bed guards. The bed guards can be lowered when the user is transferred and can quickly and easily be raised. Once they are raised, the user lies safely without the risk of falling over the sides. It may also be necessary to shield involuntary movements against the bed guard. Therefore maximum comfort, you can mount bed guard covers.

All in all, Vario is a slim, practical and comfortable changing table for people with impairments. It provides the users with a comfortable and safe position, while the careworkers benefit from the ergonomic and space-saving design.

Five sizes

You can get Vario in five different lengths:

120 cm, 140 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 190 cm. All models are available in 70 cm width.

The large range in lengths allows you to find the perfect size changing table for children and adult users. In special schools and child care centres, you may go for a model in 120 cm or 140 cm length, whereas care centres for adult users with impairments may need a longer bench of 180 cm or 190 cm.