Makes upper cabinets height-adjustable



VertiElectric lift system makes upper cabinets height-adjustable

Use VertiElectric to make your upper kitchen cabinets height-adjustable. With VertiElectric, you can lower and raise the cabinets providing easy access to the cabinets for wheelchair users and people of short stature.

Seated users, people of short stature and people with reduced mobility often struggle to reach to contents of the upper cabinets. The VertiElectric lift system solves that problem.

When you use VertiElectric, the upper cabinets become height-adjustable, and the wall cabinet contents come within reach range for seated users and people of short stature.

Compatible with all standard kitchens

The VertiElectric lift system is designed with compatibility in mind. You can use the system on all standard size kitchen cabinets. Mount the frame on the wall and then the cupboard on the frame. That is all it takes to turn a regular kitchen into an accessible, modern kitchen with height-adjustable cabinets.

The VertiElectric solution is suitable for new kitchen cabinets as well as upgrades of existing kitchen interiors.

Easy height adjustment

You control the height of the cupboards with a control switch that is usually placed conveniently on the front edge of the tabletop. You can also choose to operate the height with a remote control. Either way, the cabinets adjust the height quietly and with ease allowing the users to get the most out of the kitchen.

The height adjustment range is 30 cm. This way, the cabinets can lower themselves enough to get within reach range and still, there is room for kitchen utensils on the tabletop. The height-adjustable cabinets leave plenty of room on the worktop for kitchen work.

Avoid trapping accidents with a safety stop

Any height-adjustable item bears the risk of trapping. That is why we recommend a safety stop plate. A safety stop brings the cabinet to an immediate standstill if it meets any resistance during height adjustment. It also moves slightly in the reverse direction to relieve any pressure, and the trapped item can be removed. This way, you can be sure that any possible trapping accidents can be avoided.

A quality product in every aspect

At ROPOX, we insist on only creating products of the highest quality. That is why VertiElectric naturally complies with the relevant standards in force and is certified according to DS/EN 12182:2012 – the standard for assistive aids for people with mobility disabilities. This is your guarantee that safety, durability and quality are satisfactory.