A washbasin that increases accessibility for wheelchair users


A height-adjustable washbasin for accessible bathrooms

An accessible bathroom makes everyday life easier at home and in professional spaces like hospitals and care centres for the disabled and their carers. SwingLine is a height-adjustable and flexible washbasin that enables people with limited mobility to use the bathroom with ease and improves working conditions for health care workers.

SwingLine’s special feature is its movable sink. It is possible to drag the basin from the wall and push it to, for example, the corner of the room, giving wheelchair users maximum turning space.

The movable washbasin

As the SwingLine washbasin is able to rotate, it is possible to create the optimum interior for the individual user. Wheelchair users can save a transfer from the toilet to the washbasin because you can move the washbasin to the toilet. This way, the user is able to wash hands while seated on the toilet.

Access from all sides

The washbasin is designed with a pedestal on the side. This provides seated users room for the legs under the sink, and it allows them to get close to the basin and reach the tap.

It is also possible to use the sink from the sides as the oval basin shape works equally well when accessing it from the front, right or left.

Fewer lifts and transfers

The care workers will also benefit from the SwingLine washbasin. As the movable washbasin reduces the number of transfers, the care workers are spared from the physical strain of person lifting and moving. This way, SwingLine can help create a satisfying work environment that takes care of the professionals’ health.

Adjust the washbasin’s height

With a 15-20 cm height adjustment range – depending on the model type – you can easily adjust the basin height to suit seated and standing users. The height is easily adjusted manually with a small handle on the side of the washbasin. It is designed to require only very little effort to turn the handle so that users with reduced mobility can adjust the height themselves.

The height adjustment makes the washbasin suitable and accessible for people in wheelchair and for standing users.

Extra room for soap and other bathroom utensils

The SwingLine is available with a dock-in. This is a feature where the washbasin is fixed in a device with extra room for soap, toothbrush, etc. When SwingLine is fixed in the dock-in, it looks like a standard washbasin but with the flexibility that is required for people with limited mobility.

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