Toilet support arms

Provides support and safety for elderly and disabled when using the toilet

Toilet support arms

Toilet support arms for elderly and disabled people

The wall-mounted drop-down Toilet Support Arms give extra support to the user whilst getting on and off the toilet. They are used as an aid next to the toilet in both the commercial sector and at home, where users use them to get on and off the toilet.

They are available as a straight and a wave-shaped model, and they are available in a standard length and a short version. Regardless of the model, all Support Arms are foldable and can be fixed in an upright position to save space and increase access from the sides.

The standard Toilet Support Arm is approved for a maximum of 190 kilos, but if they are fitted with either a support leg or a support bracket, they can carry up to 390 kilos – and still keep the flexible space-saving design features.

Toilet Support Arms make it easier to get on and off the toilet

The foldable Toilet Support Arms serve as a solid grab rail next to the toilet. People with impairments use them as support when sitting down or to pull themselves up when getting off the toilet. Either way, it helps people with impairments to use the toilet unassisted, which improves the quality of life for the users and frees up time for the caregivers.

As the Toilet Support Arms are easily installed on the wall and because of the drop-down design, they are suitable for private homes and the health care sector.

Two models, two lengths and three weight classes

When you are looking for Toilet Support Arms, you have to decide whether you prefer the straight model or the wave-shaped model, which curves upwards at the end of the Support Arm. Then you have to decide if the model of your choice needs extra support in the form of a support leg or bracket.

If larger people use the Support Arms, you may need Support Arms with a support leg or support bracket, which can carry up to 355 kilos in weight. This makes it suitable as a bariatric or obesity assistive aid.

If you need a more compact design, for instance, if space is limited in the bathroom, you can choose the short version of the Support Arm. The standard Support Arm is 90 cm in length, whereas the short model is only 76 cm.

Space-saving ergonomic design

The anti-slip surface means that the users always get a firm grip on the Support Arm and that they are easy to hold on to and reach.

As they are foldable, the user or caregiver can fold them towards the wall. This improves accessibility from the sides, in case wheelchair users also need access to the toilet. When the Support Arms are folded into an upright position, they take up very little space, making them an interesting aid for small and large bathrooms alike.

Some users find the standing/sitting attachments very useful. When mounted, they are a solid knob perpendicular to the Support Arm, providing users with a strong grip when pulling themselves up.

The functional and easy to clean design, along with the clever foldable and space-saving feature, makes the Support Arms suitable for use in use in professional environments and at home.

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