Mobilio Changing Table

A height adjustable and mobile changing table for changing places

Mobilio Changing Table

Disabled changing table for changing places toilet

Mobilio is a height adjustable, mobile changing table that is essential to have in a changing places toilet. The four brake wheels ensure that the changing table is stable and that it is easy to maneuver. A freestanding changing table provides greater flexibility because you can use it in different rooms, and the quality wheels make transporting easy and effortless.
The mobile changing table is height adjustable from 52-92 cm. You adjust the height with the hand control that is supplied with the table. The hand control has a 3-meter spiral cord allowing the caregivers to adjust the height from all sides of the table with being limited by the spiral cord length.

A movable changing table for adults gives you greater flexibility

Mobilio is a changing table of the highest quality that is exceptionally user-friendly, flexible and height adjustable. The ergonomic changing trolley has brake wheels that ensure a safe and stable position when the wheels are braked.
As all ROPOX’ products, Mobilio is naturally tested and approved to comply with the relevant standards. This way we can guarantee the high standard with regards to durability and safety that characterized our product range. This product is ideal to incorporate in a changing place toilet, especially in hospitals, care centers or rehabilitation centers. In these places you may need to move a changing trolley from one room to another, and in these situations, a mobile changing table is a big advantage compared to wall-mounted changing tables. Mobilio is easy to move and when the wheels make it effortless to change the location of the trolley.

Mobilio’s height adjustment provides optimum work positions for the caregivers

The movable changing table has electrical height adjustment, and this feature is essential for the work environment of the care staff. As the height of the changing table can be lowered and raised, the caregivers can set the bed to a healthy and ergonomic working height. The height adjustment also makes it possible to lower the changing trolley to a height where the transfer of a user onto the trolley becomes easy, and it entails less physical strain for the carers.
The changing table can be adjusted from 52-92 cm in height using the hand control that is supplied with it. The hand control has a spiral cord with a reach of 3 meters. This allows the caregivers to use it no matter which side of the changing trolley they are working from.

Making changing and personal care safe and comfortable

Mobilio is very safe and comfortable disabled changing table for the users. The soft mattress made in PUR foam is nice to lie on, and you can mount bed guards on the sides and ends of the bench if desired.

Sometimes it may be necessary to shield against involuntary movements against the bed guards. Therefore, it is possible to mount a cover on the bed guards.

Safe and secure mobile changing table for changing places

Even though Mobilio has wheels for easy transport, you do not compromise on safety. The brake wheels are very secure, and if required you can add a power wheel lock that allows the carer to allow to lock or unlock all the wheels at one time simultaneously.
The caregivers also get excellent conditions to make changing and personal care a safe and secure situation. The mattress has a non-slip underside, and the hand control makes it possible to adjust the height with just one hand.
Furthermore, you can install bed guards to keep the user in a safe position without risk of falling over the edge of the bench. This makes both user and caregivers feel safe in changing and care situations.
Sometimes it is necessary to shield involuntary movements against the bed guard. Therefore, it is possible to mount a cover on the bed guard.

Mobile changing table suitable for children and adults

The height adjustable changing table is ideal for children and adults. You can get models from 90 cm in length and up to 190 cm in length. It is also possible to choose between two widths: 70 cm and 80 cm. All models are of course designed without any dirt traps where bacteria can hide and grow, and this makes it easier to maintain the needed, high level of hygiene.
The many options to adapt the disabled changing table in size and the range of accessories, e.g., power wheel locks and bed guards, make it an excellent solution as a flexible, safe and comfortable changing table for children and adults who need assistance for changing and personal care.

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