Mobilio Shower Trolley

A mobile and height-adjustable shower trolley for changing places

Mobilio Shower Trolley

A mobile shower trolley and stretcher for disabled

The Mobilio shower trolley is of premium quality with optimum safety and comfort. As it is a freestanding solution, it allows you to move the bench. Also, it provides better access compared to wall-hung shower trolleys because you get free access from either side of the trolley.
The shower trolley is height-adjustable from 59-99 cm. The height adjustment is a simple way to protect the health care workers’ health. They can easily adjust the height to the best working height and minimize straining working positions.
Mobilio not only protects the carers. It is also designed to provide the best possible shower experience for the users. The soft slats ensure that the users lie comfortably, and for extra safety, you can mount safety rails on the sides and end.

Height adjustable shower trolley for adults and children

Mobilio is a height-adjustable and mobile trolley for children and adults. The showering bench is available in three lengths (146 cm, 178 cm and 210 cm), which makes it equally suitable for adults and children.
The high-quality bench is used in private homes and professional health care environments, where it provides the optimal working conditions for the staff. The mobile trolley can be used in both dry and wet rooms.

Electrical or battery-powered height adjustment

Mobilio comes with electrical height adjustment from 59 to 99 cm. It is operated with a spiral cord hand control that allows you to raise or lower the bench with a gentle push on a button. It is also possible to choose a battery-powered model of Mobilio where you avoid having cables lying on the floor. This way you move the shower trolley freely and with ease in all directions.

Securely positioned with brake wheels

The standard Mobilio model comes with locking brake wheels. The brakes are operated with foot pedals on each wheel that ensures a complete braked and secure position of the shower trolley once activated. It is also possible to customize the shower trolley with a central lock system that allows you to break all wheels with one push. The brake wheels ensure safety and comfort for care workers and users.

Mobile shower trolley that ensures comfort in a changing places toilet

The trolley is equipped with soft slats in PUR (polyurethane). It is a soft and flexible cushioning foam that is highly durable which is why it is used in a range of different industries and products. In addition, you can add a back support and a headrest which are also made of soft PUR foam to provide optimum comfort for the users. If you mount safety rails, these can also be fitted with a soft cover to optimise user comfort.

Mobilio shower trolley makes it easy to maintain a high hygiene level

The shower trolley is made of coated and stainless steel with even surfaces. They are easy to clean and without any dirt traps. This allows you to keep them at the cleanliness level required to obtain satisfactory hygiene in professional healthcare environments or in private settings.

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