Shower/changing bed

Height-adjustable shower and changing bed suitable for changing places toilet

Shower/changing bed

Disabled shower and changing bed

The ROPOX Shower/changing bed is a high-quality solution with flexibility and comfort to improve the life of users and carers. The foldable bench allows you to optimize the use of space in the bathroom as it only takes up very little room when in an upright position. Every aspect of the shower/changing bed is developed based on years of experience and knowledge, which guarantee that you get a product that meets the needs of professional health care workers and people with limited capacity.
The ROPOX Shower/changing bed is a height-adjustable solution suitable for user weights up to 220 kg. It serves as a stable platform for showering and changing people with impairments, and the three sizes make it useful for adults and children.
The bench comes with electrical height adjustment, and you can adjust the foldable bench up to 70 cm in height. When in the lowest position, the user has easy access to the bench, and the caregivers can then raise the bench to a comfortable working height.

Adjust the shower/changing bed height with ease

Using the hand control, you can easily adjust the height in a range of 70 cm going from 30 cm at its lowest position to 100 cm at the highest position.
The large height adjustment range has important practical benefits. The carers can lower the bench enough so that the users can be supported onto the bench with a minimum of strain. It also makes it easier for users with sufficient mobility to help themselves onto the bench.
Once the user is positioned on the bench, the carers can raise the bench to a comfortable working height. This improves the working environment for the users and protects their professional health.

Models for children and adults

Being available in three different sizes, the ROPOX Shower/changing bed can be used by children and adults. Regardless of the model, the maximum user weight is 220 kg. The available lengths are:
146 cm
178 cm
210 cm
Be aware that the lying area is 18 cm shorter than the total length of the shower/changing bench.

Soft double-sided slats

The Shower/changing bed is equipped with soft double-sided slats. They are designed as a dual-purpose solution. One side of the slats curves slightly downwards in the middle. This ensures that the person on the bench naturally will tend to position themselves on the center of the slats.

The other side of the slats curves slightly upwards. This makes it easier for the carer to turn the person on the bench when changing clothes.

Fixed or movable shower/changing bed

If you prefer a movable shower/changing bed, you can choose to mount the bench on solid brake wheels. The wheels allow you to move the bench to different positions and still have a strong, robust bench where the user lies safely and comfortably.
If you choose the bench mounted on brake wheels, be aware that the height adjustment range is slightly less, going from 52-92 cm in height.
It is possible to mount extra foldable safety rails if increased safety measures are needed. If you are looking for extra comfort, there is a possibility to add a back support and headrest.

Customize the changing bed to your needs

The standard Shower/changing bed includes the regular necessities in a shower bed. However, you may need to customize it to individual needs. If, for example, the user needs to lie with a raised torso, you can add a back support. It is also possible to choose a headrest that supports the user’s head to stay in a centered position.
The durable design and high-quality materials make the ROPOX shower/changing bed useful in professional health care and publicly accessible spaces like, for example, changing places toilets.

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