A lift system for disability friendly kitchens making corner worktops height adjustable


Height adjustable corner worktops for a disability friendly kitchen

FlexiCorner is a lift system for corner tabletops. Mounting a kitchen tabletop on the system, you can adjust the height with a simple push on a button. The design is tested and approved according to the strictest relevant standards. This is your guarantee that you get a product that will work to your satisfaction for years.

As there are no crossbars or base cabinets under the tabletop, wheelchair users can get a comfortable and ergonomically correct sitting position close to the table.

FlexiCorner is available with manual and electrical height adjustment. Each model has a 30 cm adjustment range going from 65 cm to 95 cm which makes it suitable for both standing and seated users.

Get a height-adjustable corner worktop in the kitchen

FlexiCorner is a lift system that enables you to get a height-adjustable corner worktop in the kitchen. The lift system is available in a manual and an electrical model. Having a corner worktop that can be adjusted in height is a great advantage to wheelchair users. Lowering the tabletop allows them to set the worktop to a height where they can use the tabletop for kitchen chores, like cutting vegetables etc. As there are no crossbars or base cabinets, there is also plenty of room for a wheelchair under the worktop.

You can fit a washbasin and hotplates in the tabletop. This makes it truly disability-friendly because wheelchair uses often cannot reach the tap or stir in pots and pans since they cannot reach over a regular worktop. The FlexiCorner allows seated users to get comfortable access to the table and enjoy participating actively in kitchen activities.

Two models: Manual or electrical height adjustment

You can get FlexiCorner with manual height adjustment or electrical height adjustment. Both models have an adjustment range of 30 cm going from 65 cm at the lowest position to 95 cm at the highest position.

The electrical model is operated with a control switch elegantly integrated into the worktop. By pushing the button, the tabletop height is quietly adjusted to the desired height.

The manual model is operated with a handy lever that you connect to the transmission on the front of the table. Turn it a few times, at the table is quickly lowered or raised.

The safety stop prevents jamming accidents

When an item is height-adjustable, there is a natural risk of jamming accidents. That is why we recommend that you mount a safety stop. The safety stop brings FlexiCorner to a standstill if it meets any resistance when raised or lowered. For example, if the table hits the wheelchair frame, the table will stop at once and move a few inches in the reverse direction to relieve pressure. This allows you to remove the item that is jammed or squeezed, and hereby it prevents jamming accidents.

Height-adjustable corner worktops in all sizes

Regardless of whether you have a small or large kitchen, you can benefit from FlexiCorner. The lift system is suitable for any L-shaped worktop that measures a minimum of 90 cm and a maximum of 300 cm on either side of the corner. This means that you can create a quite small corner worktop or a very large L-shaped worktop. Regardless of size, the stability of the worktop will be intact as it is tested and approved to bear a load of maximum 150 kilos evenly distributed.

For private homes and professional health care environments

The FlexiCorner gives you flexibility and functionality wrapped in an elegant and stylish product. Combined with the durable, cleaning-friendly and high-quality design, it is a solution that is suitable for private homes and professional health care environments like special schools, assisted living facilities, sheltered housing or nursing homes.

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