Electrical kitchen lift system for disabled


Kitchen table frame with smooth height adjustment for disabled people

FlexiElectric is a height-adjustable kitchen table frame that provides smooth height adjustment from 65 to 95 cm.

The control switch is conveniently integrated into the front edge of the tabletop. Gently pushing the buttons will lower or raise the table to a comfortable height for seated or standing users.

Particularly wheelchair users benefit from a height-adjustable kitchen table. In a regular kitchen, access to the tabletop is hindered by the lower cabinets, but the FlexiElectric kitchen table provides plenty of legroom. This means that wheelchair users can get close to the table and use it comfortably.

The electrical installations can be hidden behind cover plates (Accessories) leaving the kitchen with an elegant, modern look while providing a flexible and accessible solution.

A height-adjustable kitchen tabletop for wheelchair

FlexiElectric lift system makes kitchen worktops height adjustable. This solution is particularly suitable for wheelchair users. Often, they cannot use an ordinary kitchen table because the lower cabinets block access for the wheelchair. With the FlexiElectric, you remove the lower cabinets and get a height-adjustable tabletop with plenty of space for the wheelchair underneath the table.

Set the height for seated or standing users

The FlexiElectric lift system is mounted on the wall and works as a height-adjustable frame on which the tabletop is mounted. The total adjustment range is 30 cm going from 65 to 95 cm. This makes the tabletop equally suitable for seated users and standing users. It is an ideal solution in private homes or professional environments where people with different physical capabilities use the kitchen worktop.

Customise the worktop

The kitchen is often tailor-made for the room and for the persons who will use it. When you choose a FlexiElectric lift system, you do not have to compromise on individual needs because you can fit the worktop with a washbasin or hotplate. This way, seated users get an excellent possibility to join in the kitchen chores and sit comfortably while stirring the pan or chopping the vegetables.

Modern elegance in the kitchen

The FlexiElectric frame is designed so that you can keep a modern and elegant look in the kitchen. All the installations are hidden behind cover plates available in various colours to match the kitchen interior.

The product’s durability is also topnotch as the frame complies with the relevant standard for assistive devices and is approved to bear a maximum of 150 kg evenly distributed. Knowing that the product is certified according to the strictest standards is a seal of approval that you can rely on the lift system to run seamlessly for years.

Safety and flexibility for private homes and professional environments

Using a height-adjustable item, you should always bear in mind that items may get jammed. That is why we recommend using a safety stop. This feature brings the table to stop at once if it registers any resistance, e.g. if the tabletop touches the wheelchair frame when lowered. When it stops, it also moves a few inches in the opposite direction to relieve pressure and allow you to remove the item that is jammed.

The system is based on vertical legs and horizontal support arms that keep the worktop stable. Even though you get extreme stability, you also get the flexibility to fit the frame with worktops ranging from 60 cm to 300 cm in length. This means that you can create a safe solution that matches your needs and allows you to create stylish accessible kitchens with height-adjustable worktops.

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