4Single table series

Height adjustable multifunction tables for many purposes

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Height-adjustable tables everyone can use

The 4Single table series represents elegant, stable, and flexible multi-function tables for both seated and standing use. The tables can be used for dining, meetings, work and much more. The tables are suitable for modern homes, workplaces, and care centers. Whatever the environment, we believe that people with limited mobility should be able to sit/stand at a table without limitations. Therefore, our tables are especially suitable for wheelchair users. You can choose between 4Single Complete Tables and 4Single Table Frames.

4Single Complete

4Single Complete is a disability friendly table with flexible height adjustment. The table is also available with castors if desired. 4Single Complete is a very flexible and classy multi-function table that can be used for many different purposes. You can choose between two heights, two table sizes and it is also made by measure if required. Due to its flexibility, you can use it for dining, working, meetings and a lot of other activities. It is made in a modern and elegant design matching the interiors of today and in future. We believe that functionality and design can go hand in hand. Therefore, the 4Single Complete tables are of the finest quality, stylish, elegant, has modern finish and is handicap friendly.

4Single Table Frame

The 4Single Table Frames gives you the flexibility to create a disability friendly table that suits your individual needs. The 4Single Table Frame is a frame in the finest quality where you choose the tabletop you prefer to go with it. The frame can be used for a wide range of table types, like worktables, dining tables, meeting tables and much more. You can put your own mark on the table and decide the size to get the exact measurements needed for the environment it will be used in. Regardless of what size the table is and for what purpose it will be used, it will be created with high quality materials and there will be no compromising with the features and functionalities that disabled people need. The table is suitable for both standing and sitting usage. For the height adjustment, you can choose between manual and electric systems. To people with reduced functional capacity, the remote control can be an excellent assistive aid. The remote control can follow the user, so you do not have to be next to the control switch to adjust the table height. Click on the desired product category below to see our wide selection of 4Single Tables and read more about their functionalities.
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