Vision Group Table

Elegant and height adjustable group tables for elderly and disabled people

Vision Group Table

A versatile and disability-friendly group table

The Vision Group table is an elegant and versatile group table designed for people with limited mobility. The table has an elegant, modern look and a design that allows, e.g., wheelchair users easy access. This makes it a preferred choice for many private homes, businesses and health care environments because they get a stylish table accessible to everyone.

Vision Group tables is a series of elegant, versatile tables that are used for a range of purposes and activities. They are suitable for dining, work, meetings, school or conferences.

The elegant design and high-quality materials make Vision Group a much-coveted table for private homes and professional environments.

Businesses who want to create an accessible work environment also use the Vision Group for e.g. conference rooms because of the disability-friendly design.

The Vision Group tables can be adjusted in height manually and are available in two height adjustment ranges. There are three different sizes in the series that is all characterised by high-quality materials and a stylish look.

Elegant, modern design

The Vision Group table has an elegant look. The rounded corners and edges and the smooth tabletop make it a joy to use. The table comes with a silver-grey frame and a light grey laminate top, giving the table a simple and classic design that blends into modern environments. It is possible to choose between six different colours when you order the table.

Three sizes with easy height adjustment for maximum accessibility

You can get Vision Group in three different sizes:

165 x 100 cm
200 x 100 cm
240 x 100 cm
If you need a larger table, you can put the tables end to end and increase the length.

Each table size is available with a height adjustment range of 50-70 cm or 60-90 cm. The range of sizes and height adjustment allows you to choose or combine the models that match the room you are furnishing.

Extra support for people with impairments

As the table is designed without crossbars, wheelchair users get easy and close access to the table. If a user needs extra support, arm supports can be mounted. They provide extra torso support and help the user to a balanced and comfortable sitting position. As they can easily be fitted, adjusted and removed, you get the flexibility to customise the table to the specific needs of the people using the table.

A favourite at home and in health care environments

Because the Vision Group table has such an elegant design and exquisite finish, it is ideal for private and professional settings. The durable and reliable materials make it a long-lasting solution, and the cleaning-friendly surfaces allow you to keep the hygiene standards required. Topped off with high-quality materials and clever accessories, you get the perfect table to gather people around.

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