All-in-One – Stand-up hoist

Item no.: 25-20523

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With All-in-One there are several options.
All models have electrical operated legs.
It is possible to convert to a different model if desired.
Max. capacity 200 kg.

Option with conversion.

Slings for All-in-One please see here.

The All-in-One hoist can be converted from a standard sling hoist to a stand-up hoist without using any tools. When the hoist is turned into a stand-up Hoist, the client becomes an active part of the entire lifting process.

It is easy to change the hoist to a stand-up hoist and make transfers in a standing position. The hoist is simple to operate and has a wide lifting area and a very small turning radius, as the chassis, including castors, has a length of only 117 cm.

The All-in-One hoist is both compact and practical but still combines strength with simplicity in use. Care workers appreciate that it is durable and easy to operate, and users will experience comfortable and safe transfers.


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