Nursing Table Medi2 – without wash basin

Item no.: 50-50678

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Worktop size: 90×80 cm.
Wall mounted incl. thread baskets and safety stop.
Electric height adjustment 60-100 cm (lifting 40 cm).
The worktop is white plastic.

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN 12221-1:2008 + A1 2013, Products for child care – nursing tables forprivate use – Part 1: Safety requirements.

Lifting speed: 8 sek. for 400 mm migration = 50 mm/s
Material: Vacuum-shaped plastic. Aluminium. Coated steel. Stainless steel.
Functional dimensions: height adjustment 600-1000 mm.
Max. load: 75 kg.

The height-adjustable Medi2 changing table is designed for professional child care environments like preschools, daycare centres and nurseries.

With a 40 height adjustment range, the child care workers can easily adjust the height to a comfortable and healthy position. They can also lower the table to 60 cm, allowing toddlers to crawl on the table. Smaller children can use a two-step ladder to get on the table.

The height adjustment control switch is conveniently placed on top of the lifting unit. The child care workers can easily reach the control switch, and at the same time, it is out of reach for the children.

Medi2 changing table comes with practical wire baskets under the tabletop, and the ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort for both children and care workers.

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