Washbasin that can slide sideways and with hand grabs on the front for optimum safety.


Make the bathroom more accessible

SupportLine is an accessible and height-adjustable washbasin that can slide sideways. The strong grabs on the front of the basin serve as grab rails as you move the basin sideways. They support the user when moving, e.g. from the basin to the toilet, and help avoid falling injuries.

Sometimes even small things can change the accessibility of a room. In this case, the SupportLine washbasin shows how a flexible basin supports people with impairments to become more independent. The carefully designed basin becomes a flexible grab rail that allows users to walk assisted, e.g. from washbasin to toilet.

The integrated support grabs on the front of the washbasin give the user solid anchor points, but as SupportLine can move sideways, they become grab rails. Moving from one point to another, the user can lean on the hand grabs all the way. This makes it safe and secure to complete the daily routines on the bathroom without assistance from the care workers.

Integrated grab rails for extra support

Having limited mobility, product design has to be well-thought-out. Grab rails and hand grabs are essential as they are the safe anchors when moving around. They are also critical for many to get up or sit down. The integrated hand grabs in SupportLine provides extra safety – and in combination with the sideways-sliding feature, the washbasin is among the very best.

But what makes the washbasin particularly excellent is the fact, that it can move with the user. This way it becomes a floating – but solid – grab rail as well as a high-quality washbasin.

Washbasin for wheelchair users, walking impaired, people with dementia and many more

Wheelchair users will find it easy to access SupportLine as it is designed with sufficient leg room underneath. They can also use the hand grabs on the front to pull themselves close the the washbasin or when turning the chair.

Walking-impaired find it safe to lean on the robust washbasin. Furthermore, they feel safe leaning on the grab rails when moving around the bathroom.

For people with dementia, the grab rails can be marked with contrasting colours. This makes it easier for them to identify the grabs. Also, the fixture’s scald protection ensures a constant comfortable temperature on the outside of the fixture. This is ad advantage as people with dementia often are sensitive to sensory stimuli.

Suitable for private homes and professional spaces

The robust design, flexibility and durability makes SupportLine a favourite among private customers as well as professionals. The washbasin is equally suitable in your own private bathroom if you need care products to increase independence and in hospitals, nursing homes and special schools.

To allow for high hygiene standards, the design is cleaning-friendly and the materials are durable in use. This makes it a solution that can withstand frequent use and keep an elegant look.

Height-adjustable and movable

The sideways-sliding feature is perhaps the most characteristic feature of SupportLine. But you can also choose between a wash basin with a fixed height or a height-adjustable basin. Furthermore, there are models with both electrical and manual height adjustment.

The large range of available models allows you to find the right basin for the specific needs and requirements. If you need any guidance, our Customer Support is always happy to assist you.

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