Support Washbasin Basic – Right hand model

Item no.: 40-44013

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Right hand model – mixer tap is placed in the right side.
Dim. washbasin 100×64 cm.
Height adjustment 71-101 cm.
Washbasins have integrated handles with a depth of 5 cm.
The washbasins have no overflow and is delivered incl. flexible connecting hoses and waste excl. mixer tap – this can be purchased.

Technical data

Manufactured in accordance with the following standard: DS/EN 17966:2016.
Materials: Gelcoated composit. Stainless steel. Plastic.

Height adjustable:
Model Basic – adjustable 30 cm, from 71-101 cm.

According to DS/EN 17966:2016 – max. user weight SupportLine washbasin Basic: 400 kg

Ropox Support Washbasin is available as left or right hand model

Support washbasin left Support washbasin right
Left – Mixer tap is placed on the left-hand side of the washbasin    Right – Mixer tap is placed on the right-hand side of the washbasin

SupportLine is an accessible and height-adjustable washbasin that can slide sideways. The strong grabs on the front of the basin serve as grab rails as you move the basin sideways. They support the user when moving, e.g. from the basin to the toilet, and help avoid falling injuries. They are also excellent support grabs to hold on to when getting up or sitting down.

The ability to move to the side and at the same time work as strong grabs make the washbasin ideal for walking impaired. It allows the user to use the bathroom independently while providing a safe environment for the user.

SupportLine comes in a range of models and can be customised to individual needs. In combination with the cleaning-friendly and durable design, it makes it well-suited for both private homes and professional spaces like hospitals and care homes.


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