A lift system that makes wall cupboard shelves height adjustable and disability friendly


Disability friendly upper cabinets with electrical lift system

The VertiInside is a clever lift system mounted inside upper cabinets where it makes the shelves height-adjustable. With VertiInside, you can turn a regular cabinet into a height-adjustable and accessible cabinet for seated users and people of short stature.

When you mount VertiInside in a cabinet, the shelves can be adjusted 49,5 cm in height. This means that even the top shelves can be lowered to a height where seated users and people of short stature can reach the cabinet contents.

VertiInside lift system is compatible with all standard kitchens. You can use them to upgrade existing kitchen cabinets or when mounting new disability-friendly kitchen cabinets.

VertiInside makes people with limited functional capacity more self-reliant and independent as they can do more on their own.

Turn a standard cupboard into a height-adjustable and accessible cabinet

VertiInside is a clever lift system for kitchen upper cabinets. The system is mounted inside the cabinet, and once installed, the shelves become height-adjustable. It also removes the need for cabinet doors, which can be difficult for especially wheelchair users. Instead, you lower the shelves downwards through the bottom of the cabinet. This way, even seated users and users with short stature can reach the contents of even the top shelves.

Turning regular shelves into height-adjustable shelves is a smart way to increase accessibility in a kitchen and provide seated users and people of short stature better kitchen solutions.

Compatible with all standard kitchen cabinets

It may sound like quite a task to mount the VertiInside lift system. However, the system is designed with easy installation in mind. Regardless of kitchen cabinet brand, you can mount VertiInside in all standard size kitchen cabinets that are minimum 70 cm high, 26,5 or 31 cm deep and between 40 to 100 cm wide.

Since the VertiInside lift system is compatible with all regular kitchen cabinets, it is an excellent way to turn regular cabinets into disability-friendly cabinets when renovating or upgrading an existing kitchen. Of course, you can also use VertiInside when you are mounting an entirely new kitchen for people with limited mobility. Either way, the VertiInside improves flexibility and allows the users to become more involved in kitchen activities as they get access to items in the upper cabinets.

If you are building a new kitchen, you can choose to install the lift system from the beginning, but some may also need to upgrade an existing kitchen to suit a user’s need for flexibility and accessibility. Since the lift system can be used in standard kitchen cupboards, you can create a disability friendly kitchen that looks like a regular kitchen.

Quiet and safe height adjustment

The height adjustment of VertiInside has a range of 49,5 cm in total. The shelves are lowered and raised with the control switch that is elegantly integrated into the kitchen worktop. It is also possible to choose a remote control for height adjustment operation.

As with any height-adjustable item, there is always a risk of something getting jammed. That is why we recommend mounting a safety stop plate. With a safety stop feature, the cabinet will stop immediately if it meets any resistance as it is lowered or raised. It also moves slightly in the reverse direction to relieve the pressure and give space for moving the jammed item. The safety stop improves safety in the kitchen, and it brings peace of mind knowing that nothing can get squeezed when setting the cabinet height.

If more light is required on the worktop underneath the cabinet, you can also install LED spots in the bottom safety stop plate. These provide a pleasant and comfortable lighting on the kitchen table.

Suitable for private homes and professional spaces

The VertiInside lift system is a solution that is equally suitable for private homes and professional spaces. It complies – or exceeds – all relevant standards and is designed with durability, quality and accessibility as the key principles. Whether you need to improve or create an accessible kitchen at home or in a nursing home, special school or sheltered accommodation, the VertiInside is an option to explore.

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