Ergo Desk

A sit-stand desk for people with impairments

Ergo Desk

Ergonomic and elegant sit-stand desk

ErgoDesk is a sit-stand table for people with impairments. The elegant design and the smart features make it a customer favourite. The smooth surface, the elegant grey frame and rounded edges give it a stylish look that blends naturally into private homes and professional health care environments.

The desk is height-adjustable, and with a light push on a button, you can set it to the desired height. You can lower it to a comfortable height for seated work and raise it for standing work. This makes it highly ergonomic.

People with impairments and wheelchair users get easy access to the table because it is designed without any crossbars. This ensures that there is plenty of legroom for seated users.

The table is known for its high quality and durability. That is why it is used in both private homes and professional environments. Naturally, ErgoDesk is tested and certified according to the strictest relevant standards.

The best sitting position is the next one

In ergonomics, there is a saying that the next sitting position is the best. The point is that varying your position is healthy for the body. With the electrical height adjustment, you can easily go from a seated to a standing work position. The minimum height is 60 cm, and by pushing the button on the front of the table, you can raise the table to 125 cm in a matter of seconds.

If you want a cordless solution, you can choose a battery-powered model. This way, there are no cords or wires on the floor. Besides it being easier to keep the area clean, it also gives a clean, elegant look.

Elegant and cleaning-friendly design

ErgoDesk comes with en elegant grey frame and a smooth laminate tabletop. The stylish grey matches practically any environment – in private homes and professional health care settings.

The soft surfaces with rounded corners and edges are nice to touch and feels comfortable to the skin. They are also very cleaning-friendly as there are no dirt traps. This makes cleaning easy and quick.

3 sizes

Looking for a desk, size can be a determining factor. Sometimes there is only room for a smaller sit-stand desk and other times you need a larger table. That is why we have three ErgoDesk models – each tested and approved or a maximum user weight of 130 kilos.

The smallest model is 160 x 80 cm and the two larger models are 180 x 90 cm and 200 x 90 cm. The 160 x 80 cm is perfect for smaller rooms where you need a sit-stand desk but have limited space available. The larger models are ideal when you have more available space and want room for papers, letter trays, etc.

For private and professional settings

ErgoDesk is used in private and professional health care environments that need to cater for the needs of people with impairments. The disability-friendly sit-stand desk is easy to use and adjust in height, and furthermore, it is practical with the easy-to-clean surfaces. The functional table with the elegant look is a good choice for anyone looking for a height-adjustable work table for people with limited physical capacity.

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