Ergo Table Series

Ergonomic desks for people with limited functional capacity

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Ergonomic and accessible sit-stand desk

The Ergo table is a handicap friendly table in the Ergo series that is characterized by a simple and elegant design in high-quality materials. The table has a smooth finish with rounded edges and corners. The elegant design matches most environments in both private homes, at work, and in care centers.

Flexible and adaptable to the individual user

An ergonomic desk with sufficient legroom is essential for allowing people with limited physical mobility to sit comfortably and perform different tasks. Our tables have a wealth of features that make them flexible and adaptable to the individual user. And at the same time, they have an elegant, modern, and timeless design that fits both private homes, schools, and care centers. The Ergo Table series k is electrically height adjustable making it easy to set the table to the desired height. It allows the user to vary the position at the desk during the day to the benefit of both body and mind.

Accessible tables without obstacles

The table is developed with the needs of users with mobility disabilities in mind. That is why for example wheelchair users have easy access and can get close to the table without any obstacles getting in the way. The table has a wide range of adjustment options. You can adjust the height of the table, and you can also tilt the tabletop which is a great help for visually impaired and people with limited reach. When the tabletop can tilt, you need a solution to keep papers and documents from sliding off the table. The supporting ruler helps you organize the documents and make them stay where you need them on the tabletop making it a pleasure to work or read at the table – no matter if the top is tilted or not. Whether you need a handicap friendly sit-stand desk for a private home, for a workplace, a school or a care center, the Ergo Desk is a stylish and functional solution.

Disability friendly tables that makes life easier

Common for all Ropox tables is, that they have an ergonomic design that adds to the comfort for both users and caregivers. This means that the tables make everyday life better for both the user and carer because it becomes easier to use the tables. For example, the users can work by the desks for more extended periods because they can adjust it to fit their individual needs, and the carers’ work environment is improved which reduces the absence due to illness. Click below to see our selection of Ergo tables and read more about their functionalities.
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