Ergo Multi Tables

The perfect rehab and occupational therapy table for people with impairments

Ergo Multi Tables

The ideal table for rehabilitation training and occupational therapy

Ergo Multi is the flexible worktop that allows you to create a square worktop or a worktop with one or two crescent-shaped cut-outs.

The cut-outs are excellent for training sessions where the user and therapist need to sit closely at each side of the table.

At a regular table, the distance between the two would normally be too far, but the cut-outs allow them to sit at a perfect distance for therapy purposes.

You can adjust the height manually. Just put the handle in the adjustment mechanism that is practically placed on the side of the table.

Expert recommends ErgoMulti – read more here.

The perfect table for rehabilitation and OT training

For occupational therapy training or rehabilitation, you need a table where two people can sit closely opposite each other. At a regular table, the user and the therapist often sit too far from each other. That is why we created ErgoMulti. This is an ideal training table. The tabletop comes with two crescent-shaped cut-outs. This gives users and therapists a balanced and ergonomic position with the possibility to rest the forearms. It also allows them to come close to the table and sit at the right distance facing each other; a small – but essential – detail when creating optimum training and rehabilitation sessions for users and therapists.

Flexible tabletop

You can use the table as a regular square worktop, just like an ordinary table. You can also use the table with one or two crescent-shaped cut-outs. This means that you can get a table that has one or two cut-outs in the worktop. The crescent-shaped plates are removable, and it is easy and quick to mount or remove them. This gives you the flexibility to create the worktop that best suits the specific situation.

If you need to adjust the size of the cut-out, you can use boomerangs. The table comes with two boomerangs. One has a 30 cm diameter, and the other has a 40 cm diameter.

The table’s practical size of 90 x 70 cm does not limit the possibilities to customise the shape. With the crescent-shaped cut-outs and the boomerangs, you can set up the table so that it is ideal for the individual user or therapy session.

Quick height adjustment

You can quickly adjust the height of the ErgoMulti. The table comes with manual height adjustment going from 56 cm to 90 cm, including wheels. The height adjustment mechanism is practically placed on the side of the table. Just put in the hand crank and turn it to lower or raise the table height.

Being able to adjust the height is essential in creating optimum training sessions. A table that is too low or too high can affect the user’s rehabilitation training, and that is why it has to be quick and straightforward to set the right height for the individual user.

Movable and strong

The ErgoMulti comes with brake wheels. These allow you to move the table with minimum effort, and still, the table stands solidly when the castors are braked. This way you can use the table wherever you need it, knowing that you are not compromising user or professional safety.

The table is tested and certified according to the relevant standards guaranteeing that it is durable, reliable and safe in use. It is approved to withstand a maximum user load of 100 kg.

Recommended by experts

ErgoMulti is a training table recommended by experts. This is because of the ability to vary the shape of the tabletop and because of the excellent ergonomics for users and therapists.

The cut-outs not only allows users – including wheelchair users – to sit comfortably close to the table. The therapist also gets a healthy working position without unnecessary strain. As the therapist can get close to the user, they do not have to lean forward or bend awkwardly to the sides when assisting the users. Instead, the therapist can sit closely and support the user.

Anette Kjærsgaard (occupational therapist with a PhD in dysphagia) demonstrates how ErgoMulti helps her provide the best possible OT training. Read more here.

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