Ergo Tables

A height adjustable and ergonomic table for people with limited functional capacity

Ergo Tables

An ergonomic and height-adjustable desk

The ErgoTable is a highly ergonomic desk for people with impairments. The table is simple and classic, with a range of features that makes it very disability-friendly.

You can adjust the height manually and choose between a fixed and tiltable worktop. The tiltable worktop is perfect for the visually impaired and people with limited reach or upper-body mobility.

When the worktop is tilted, the user gets the documents closer without leaning forward. Wheelchair users also appreciate the ErgoTable because they can get close to the table and into a comfortable sitting position.

Customize the table to the individual user’s needs with the available accessories, e.g. arm supports, pen holder, document holder and ruler.

The ErgoTable is a height-adjustable desk based on ergonomic principles. Every detail is carefully considered to create the best possible table for people with limited capacity, including the visually impaired, people with reduced upper-body mobility and wheelchair users. Even though user-friendliness is the table’s special mark, the design is still classic and simple so that it blends naturally into both private and professional environments.

Flexible table settings

The table is available in several sizes, each manually height-adjustable from 56 cm to 90 cm. You adjust the height with a handy lever that makes it easy to raise and lower the table.

You can choose a fixed or tiltable worktop with stepwise tilting 0-54°. The tiltable worktop is especially suitable for the visually impaired and people with reduced mobility in the upper body. When the worktop is tilted, the distance from the worktop to the eyes is shortened. This makes it perfect for weak-sighted and users who have difficulties leaning forward.

There are ErgoTables with a fully tiltable worktop and models where one side of the worktop is tiltable, and the other is fixed, which is useful for laying off utensils. You can choose either the left or right side of the worktop with the tilting feature.

Customise the table with smart add-ons

For users with reduced torso balance, you can add arm supports. The users can rest their forearms on the arm supports, and at the same time, they get extra torso support. This helps the users to get a more comfortable, balanced and safe sitting position by the table.

You can also use a supporting ruler. This is used to hold documents and newspapers in place when the worktop is tilted. The ruler is easily moved upwards and downwards to ensure easy use.

If you want a flexible solution, you can add brake castors. These allow you to move the table as and when required with minimum effort.

There are also a pen holder and a document holder that can be mounted on the sides of the table. Smart details that help you create the perfect ergonomic desk for people with limited mobility or vision.

A table for school, play, work or training

Due to the versatile and ergonomic nature of ErgoTable, it is a desk that is used in a variety of situations. Some use it at school and others for rehabilitation purposes. It is also popular as a work table and in professional settings like special care environments.

The reason is that the table is simple and safe yet reliable and very user-friendly. Combined with the classic design, the table is ideal for private homes and professional environments where you need a desk that enables people with impairments to use the table and its features as independently as possible.

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